Hangs on launch



I can't get past the Wing Commander Saga title screen. The title screen comes up and then nothing happens, although the CPU usage is 100%.

My computer should be able to handle this software, and I have tried re-installing. Any idea what may be happening?


P4 1.7ghz
Win XP SP2
512 ram
Nvidia GeForce4 440
issue resolved

Apparently setting the sounds to "off" in the launcher was the issue. Now the game is working perfectly.
re: hardware sound

Hardware sound is also successful.

I had the settings on 'no sound' because I run music for the rest of the family through this computer, and it is highly distracting for them to hear game effects laid over the music.
Probably a problem with OpenAL.. Either not installed or then some earlier openal installation is interfering with the new one.
Open AL

....but Software sound works as well. it is only when sound is set to 'OFF' that the problem occurs.