Hamill Ended Up Doing Alright (October 4, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
HotT sent along an interesting video about the career prospects for Star Wars actors. It starts out with a look at how the original cast fared and then tries to extrapolate that onto some of the newer folks. Mark Hamill is up first, and they briefly talk about his time with Wing Commander. On top of his famous roles in WC3&4, he voice acted in the WC animated series and had an audio-only WC Movie cameo, which were right up his alley. It's crazy to think about how his work with the WC series began just a decade after his participation in the original trilogy! Jump to the 3 minute mark below to skip the ad up front.

There is a nice bit about Mark Hamill, with reference to his role in Wing Commander. And a brief reference for Harrison Ford:
“After Star Wars, Ford found difficulty finding acting work and sorta faded into obscurity." LMAO

Original update published on October 4, 2020