Graphics glitches


Rear Admiral
Just in case you ever plan to update UE again (I hope you will at least patch it someday to prevent the movies from skipping; but I do know you're all very exhausted and I wouldn't like you to go crazy due to lack of free time), I'll let you know that there are some nasty graphics glitches that occur when you fly the nephilim ships (Squid, Lamprey) in some missions of the simulator. The glitches are basically 2D black or 'rainbow-colored' rectangles randomly (?) appearing on the screen. They seem to only occur in some places of some simulator missions. Once they appear, they don't go away. I know the nephilim ships aren't meant to be flyable, but still. :p

(And by the way, these bug ships aren't that awful. If they actually had a radar, I might be able to destroy more than one or two ships before going down.)

Also, I've been enjoying UE a lot. At least as much as Standoff, if not more. :)