Goodbye to my WC Collection...


Guess how much to ship the big standee to CA?


To ship it to MD cost $95!!! I'm located in PA.

I just finished packing one up real nice. I used two entire rolls of bubble wrap, almost an entire roll of tape, and a few very large pieces of cardboard (5ft tall). I measured everything (60x38x2), then weighed it on the scale (8 lbs), and went to UPS and USPS online. USPS can't even mail something with those dimensions!

Guess how much to ship the big standee to CA?


That can't be right. A box thats 27 pounds going from Connecticut to California UPS Next Day Air is $97. Avoid sending things through the Postal Service because they'll kill you since they're "technically" not a freight service. Check your local FedEx (some of which can be found at Kinkos) or UPS stores.
That can't be right. A box thats 27 pounds going from Connecticut to California UPS Next Day Air is $97. Avoid sending things through the Postal Service because they'll kill you since they're "technically" not a freight service. Check your local FedEx (some of which can be found at Kinkos) or UPS stores.

I just went to and it looks like they may be able to do it for $55 (ship to CA). I'll have to take a ride over to Fedex/Kinko's and the UPS Store to verify the prices. The prices that I previously posted were from the UPS Store website.

USPS has wierd rules about not exceeding 108 inches on the girth of the box.

a standee probably is too long and tall... Check all the other shippers before giving up.
Hey Leader, do you think we can get another update listing which items are still available? Are you planning to put anything else on eBay?
Actually, what's happening is something called "dimensional weight" - if you ship a large box, the carrier will calculate a cost based on what the package should weigh - this should serve as the lower limit to the cost to ship the item.

Now, those standees typically come in pieces so they can be flat-packed and shipped in a normal sized box (or even a regular FedEx box) - I take it since they've been glued together than they can't be "disassembled"?

(And yes, I'd like to know what's still available... I have a couple of things I want, but not sure if they're being eBay'ed or what).
The big standee's are one solid piece. They were never folded, and can't be without ruining them. They stand 4'10" tall by about 36" wide. The package I have them in is 60x38x2. I need an extra inch on each side to pack it correctly and to cushon it with bubble wrap.

I called the UPS store today, and their price is $125 (from PA to CA). They said that the price jumps way up for any package 55" and over. It's not the weight, but the 60x38 that's the killer.

Fedex was much cheaper (around $55 from PA to CA), but still very expensive. I called them and verified that price. I guess there is no getting around it.

I'll post what's left soon. I have several items on hold for people until I get more packing materials. Plus I have a few PM's to sort through again. I'll keep everyone updated as best I can.



Note: All of the rates above are ground.
Like I said, it's dimensional weight - UPS, FedEx and USPS will treat the package as if it was a heavier package because of its size. After all, if it was charged by weight, you'd pay less but take up more space that could've been used by an equally large but heavier package.

Dimensional weight is the minimum weight that will be used for shipping calculations. Even if the box was empty, they'll charge the same as if it weighed, say, 40lbs or more.

Of course, for that price, I wonder if sandwiching the standee between pieces of plywood screwed together would make for a stiffer and more secure "box". It should cost the same to ship either way.
First off, Happy Birthday to Bandit LOAF!!!

Second: If anyone is seriously interested in a copy of the Kilrathi Saga, PM me with a decent offer and we'll talk. I know that several of you have already asked about it over the last few weeks, but I'm finally ready to move on them.

The only thing missing from the boxes are the registration cards. I sent them all in to Origin a long, long time ago when I bought the games (new). I must of sent them 25 to 30 registration cards hoping to get some sort of prize for purchasing so many copies of their games! ::~~~:: All books and CD's are mint. Boxes are in excellent/mint condition as well. Like I said, serious offers only please.

Also, If I spoke to you before about your interest in the KSaga, please remind me. I've received so many PM's it's hard to keep track, so I apologize.


This is what I have left for sale at this time:

1x Kilrathi Saga
2x 4'10" WC:IV Cardboard Standee's (local pickup only)
1x 12" WC:IV Cardboard Standee
1x Prophecy (I will include Origin's Official Guide and CD Soundtrack)
1x Prophecy CD Soundtrack
1x Origin Audio CD Volume #2 (not shown in PICS, includes tracks from Ultima:VII & Strike Commander)
1x WC3 Deluxe Edition
2x WC:IV (one box has the slip cover, the other is the standard box)
2x Privateer Playtester's Guide
2x Origin's Official Guide to WC3
2x Origin's Official Guide to WC:IV

If anyone is interested, I'm selling all of the floppy disk versions of the games in one bundle. Make me an offer starting at $5 (plus shipping) for everything. Bundle includes:

Wing Commander (+ SM1 & SM2)
Wing Commander II (+ SO1, SO2, & Speech Pack)
Privateer (+ RF & Speech Pack)
Wing Commander Academy

Everything is in it's original box with manuals, even the speech packs and add-ons (see PICS). The WC2 box has some wear. All games are 3 1/2" floppies.

If anyone lives in the United States Tri-State area and is interested in anything (especially the 4'10" Standee's, let me know. I'll be willing to drive an hour to meet up for a sale.


Just letting everyone know that I have put a Kilrathi Saga (mint condition) up for sale on Ebay. I've started the bidding at $100. The last two copies of KSaga that were listed on Ebay sold for $152 and $157 (they were not my auctions).

Since my last post, I have sold the following items:
WCIV 12" Cardboard Standee (all 3 have been sold)
Privateer Playtester's Guide (1 still available)
Origin Audio CD Volume #2 (sold out)
Prophecy Soundtrack (1 still available, but will be bundled with the game and Strategy Guide)


I've decided to sell one Premiere Edition (for now), and one complete set of the Zanart Chrome Art.

One complete set of the Zanart Chrome Art consists of:
1x WC3 Cover #029
1x WC3 Excalibur flying away from exploding Kilrah #0461
1x WC4 Cover #0056
1x WC4 Black Lance landing #0045

All of the Chrome Arts in this set are still sealed. I never took the Zanart plastic wrapping off. All have a Certificate of Authenticity on the back. Please see the pictures. 2,500 of each were produced (see numbers above).

PM me with any questions.


I'm selling one (1) complete Wing Commander III Premiere Edition if anyone is interested. I'll even throw in Origin's Official Guide to WC3 (mint). PM me for details and offers.

I also have two (2) copies of WC4 CD-ROM edition if anyone wants (MIB). I'll throw in Origin's Official Guide to WC4 with purchase.

One complete set of Zanart chrome art has been sold. I have one last set of four (4), but the shrink wrap has been removed from two of them. All four (4) have a certificate of authenticity on the back and are mint. If anyone is interested, PM me. I'll let you know what numbers they are in the set. Serious offers only please.