Getting music on the Xbox360


Mpanty's bane

Yesterday, for the first time, I plugged a USB-stick with some music in my XBox 360.
The music played very well, so I was quite annoyed when I discovered that I had no possibility of copying the MP3 files from the stick to the XBox360.

My Cd-writer is out of order and the connection via Windows Media Center does not work either because of my laptop more or less freezing when I select "Give Media free" (or whatever it's called in English). Anyway, I don't want to have my PC and the Xbox to be running if I want to listen to some music, too much energy.

So, is there a secret trick to get the files on the HDD of the Box?

Thanks in advance.
Nope. You can transfer music to the hard drive from audio CDs, stream it from your computer or read a memory stick plugged into a USB port. I would personally recommend the USB stick option. They're really cheap now. I can get an 8 gig stick for about $65 or 4 gig for about $40 these days. Saves a lot of hard drive space.
I used Zune to stream to my Ybox - but theres two negatives to that.

1.) Zune is a major resource hog. Even when you're not even using it, its still active in the background and eating up a lot of processor speed. (Its also one of those programs that youll close out - and will automatically restart its self.)

2.) I found that after the first 30 minutes of streaming music - my network would reboot. Everything else would connect fine - just not the Xbox.

Chris is probably right - the USB is the way to go.
LeHah's post reminds me of something. You can plugs iPods and digital cameras and stuff directly into the XBox. If you have some sort of portable music player with songs already on it, that might be a good way to hook your music up.
I've been using Zune to stream music and haven't had any problems. That said, as much fun as playing Aegis Wing to Kelly Clarkson is, I'll be sticking with the new Wing Commander music for Arena!
Thank you all.

I guess I'll stick with the USB-stick solution because I don't want to have my laptop run as well as my XBox to listen to some music. And they are really cheap now.

I'll absolutely listen to the original music of Arena, that's for sure. But for my music stored on my PC, well the speakers in my TV are better than those in my laptop, so I'd like to listen to it in a better quality.