Getting Excited About Mods (November 3, 2018)


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Today we have a new poll that asks which game engines you're most excited about on the modding scene. Fan Projects have been reaching back further than ever lately and doing some truly amazing things with classic Wing Commander game engines. There's a lot of ways you can group these, so we went with the general way that projects have been getting managed lately. Yes, technically Privateer is a spinoff of the original WC1/2 engine, and technically Armada is a prototype of the RealSpace engine popularized by Wing Commanders 3 and 4, but we usually see projects sorted out by the options as we have them depicted here. And while I would absolutely love to see SWC or Arena on this list, due to platform limitations, there's very little action going on with these at this time. Hopefully talented Wingnuts can change this in the future though!

Our annual birthday poll showed similar, yet still impressive, results to previous years. A surprising 1 in 6 visitors appear to be relatively new transplants while nearly half date back to the late '90s. Pretty nice spread!

Original update published on November 3, 2018


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Prophecy for me - it was produced just as games were fundamentally being created in a similar way to how they are now, it keeps getting better every year. Playing it now it may not feel modern, but it also doesn't feel dated. The prevelance of the indie scene and its fondness of mimicking old school rendering techniques has rather destroyed my nostalgia for simpler times.

Incidentally the poll graphic isn't working for me on chrome (although it does on safari), highlighting gives the vote count but only the armada option has a red bar, the others are all black.
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