German Wing Commander II Ad Uncovered (August 8, 2004)


By the way, the German text says:

"Last year ORIGIN set a new standard in the world of computer-games... and now they want to do it again." (the German word "neuen" for "new" is misspelled "heuen")


Malar, no one want to read something from you...

Oh, damn you were faster than me and have stolen my show. ;)
I wanted to say the same thing... *is going to run crying two hours in his house, and then...*

Ok, here are my insignificant bs:
Impossible, that hadn't written a German. Maybe someone of the old Origin System or EA translation-team.
On my German WC2 box are identical weird grammar causes or writting mistakes to discover (I know, same is to be related to my fantastic sense of my English ;) ).


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Malar - do you have the full German version (the one Mindscape published, that has german in game text) or just a regular one with German manual and English in game text (published by Origin).


I own the german basic version (box, manual and game are in german) from '92, without Mindscape as publisher. It seems to me that it was published directly by EA.