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Back in the days of 1994! the PC Player was the first magazine with a CD-ROM and Reviews & Previews in videoformat.

The Player had a Database and here i upload again the old Review of Wing Commander Armada - that Video was done in that month of Release ;)

PC Player was the predecessor of the Gamestar
Here i also upload from the E3 1997 of the first magazine Issue with a short Interview of Chris Roberts about Freelancer
They don't upload it on the PC Player channel because the Armada Vid was a AVI in the Database. The old Database has some Vids - Rebel Assault, Strike Commander, Fifa, Comanche etc. 15-30 sec long. This is from the 11/1994 CD-ROM. I just take the Wing Commander Videos on my channel :)

Boris did still work at MS. Before he was Director of Xbox Gaming and now for the Hardware - Surface.
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