George Oldziey on Piano This Weekend! (January 8, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

There's good news for fan's of Origin composer George Oldziey's music. He'll be back in Austin shortly to perform on the piano this Saturday at Chez Zee. It looks like a fun place! Although this isn't a Wing Commander event, George has a fun distinctive style that is sure to lighten the mood. He'll also probably autograph your WC album!

Greetings my Austin friends! I'm in town for a few days and am making a rare appearance (sure makes it sound like I'm a big shot :) playing solo piano at Chez Zee on Balcones Dr this Saturday evening, January 11th. I start twinkling the ivories at 6:30 PM and play until 10 PM. If you're in the "hood" stop by, grab a drink or dinner and say hi!
Unfortunately, we missed his anniversary greeting for Wing Commander 3's 25th anniversary last month, so here it is - better late than never!

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun! And I think that was one of the most fun and fulfilling things I've ever done! Great team, great project, and the chance of a lifetime doing something I love that has touched so many. Here's to you, WC fans from all around the world!!
Original update published on January 8, 2020