Gatling weapons


On the Stormfire: I think that it should be a powerful, short-range gun (i.e. more damage per second than the cheap guns, but probably less than the strongest guns you can buy--maybe about as strong as the Neutron gun but with no energy drain?). The limiting factor should be ammo--a player who relies on his Stormfire guns for kills should find himself out of ammo during most missions (e.g. you can only carry enough bullets to kill about four Scimitars or six to eight Bandits).


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Delance said:
What is the difference between a CANNON and a GUN on WC?

It was a stylistic difference. The words connotate slightly different meanings, though occasionally they were used interchangeably.

BattleFate said:
Ok, Sorry. Never played anything before WC3 with the exception of Privateer, and simply don't remember seeing any weapons which could fire that fast (with the exception of the Stormfire).

Gatling was used like cannon and gun above. They did tend to fire faster, but it wasn't directly tied.

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Okay, as I understand it, we already have gatling guns in the game - the Mass Driver. It will work just like the one in the Wing Commander games. As for a storm-fire type weapon...It's not set one way or another in stone yet. At this point, I doubt it will be used, for many good reasons. We probably will re-evaluate this, but this sort of weapon won't be in the main release.


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I liked the stormfire too- but I almost wonder if Pioneer would become unbalanced with it. My recollection of the stormfire in WC4 was that it was the best overall gun- high damage, no refire delay, medium range, no overheating. The only real downsides to it were limited ammo, and only medium to short range fire.