GameCenter Update (March 4, 1999)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Haesslich reports that GameCenter posted the following report on the Wing Commander Movie...
It's the luck of the English. How would you like it if your relatively low-budget $30 million sci-fi flick opened with a brand-new Star Wars: Episode One trailer attached? Just ask Chris Roberts. Strong rumor has it that his Wing Commander movie will open next week with the aforementioned trailer--which would make any movie an absolute killer box-office draw.Besides the Star Wars trailer, there's apparently some other sweet music to hear. Ain't It Cool News, a fun movie news site, has reviewed the Wing Commander score. According to the review, "David Arnold and Kevin Kiner's soaring, simply, a score which is likely to go on long after the movie itself has faded into oblivion. It's not a tremendous score, but it is huge, energized, and propulsive." Huge, energized, and propulsive? That's not a musical score. That's my stomach the morning after I've whipped up some of my four-alarm chili.

Original update published on March 4, 1999
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