Frontier - Prelude to Darkness


Rear Admiral
This is a Science Fiction Movie I am making.
It is not quite Wing Commander, BUT is totally inspired by it!

I grew up on Wing Commander I, II, III, IV and Prophecy - best years of my life!






The website is here

And the Youtube videos are here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4 is coming soon! I work on it as we speak! :)

Hope you like it. :)
Frontier - Prelude to Darkness: Part 4

Like I said before, not quite Wing Commander, but it is inspired by it, as I grew up on Wing Commander games.





Website is here!

Youtube video is here!

Hope you like it! :)
Nicely done! I really enjoyed watching it.

I think that shows that you don't need over the top graphics and special effects to tell an interesting and dramatic story. Very good voice acting, too.
Hey dude,

Glad you like it, I used Flash MX for the 2D elements (the people) and Swift3D for the 3D stuff. Edited it on Adobe Premiere Pro.
Part 5 Released!

Hi there,

Part 5 is out now! Here's some screenshots too.

See it here






See it here

Website here

Thanks for the support and to everyone who's watching :)
Voice Actors Wanted

Hi Everyone,

Thanks heaps for the continued interest and support with Frontier. :)

As we're approaching some pretty large scale scenes which will have a great deal of different main and bit part characters, I've sort of discovered I'm gonna need more voices.

So if anyone is interested in volunteering their voice talent for Frontier - Prelude to Darkness, please drop me an email at

All you'll need is your own mic (semi-good quality preferably) and ability to record audio files, zip email them.

Any at all help will be greatly appreciated (by me of course)

Cheers Guys
i am completely hooked....i just watched part 6 and thought it was great. sorry hear the your PC crashed during the making of part six, i can see how, with the openning shots consuming a ton of memory.
keep up the great work, looking forward to part 7....

i also went to your web page and saw the back story, very good..i hope you can make a dvd for us when this project is completed.
I wanted to let you know I got 4 parts in chapter 7 (if i get them finished on time).
This is really Cool working on a project like this.

Look out for 2nd Lt Gaff Sabre3's pilot

I am also crew members of the Canberra,Hornblower and Patton.(ships)