FreeDO and Super Wing Commander problem


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Any links? I just found this one called FreeDO Alpha 2.02:

It's in russian laguage and has some sort of mouse-support, but in the case of SWC the sound is worse then in FreeDO 1.9.

Was anyone able to save AND load his old games?

Btw: I found a cheat-code which brings up a hidden menue. There you can set invulnerability, and you can watch all the movies (for those who just want so see the fluff):
When you are in the lounge, hold X (select) and press B, B, C, C, A, A = funny sound. Now hold L+R and press P (start)

can you post a copy of the file up here? I've tried to join that forum to get the version but had no luck (4 days of waiting for the administrator - in russian)