Forgotten Babylon 5?


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As a life-long Star Trek, Star Wars and Bablyon fan (among others), I find several points raised in this thread baffling. So much discussion about the CGI and the meta-arguments in the fandom, instead of the actual merits and flaws of the show. B5 remains a good watch, even today.
That said... I have actually been re-watching B5 over the last few months, the first time since 6 to 7 years and I am somewhat baffled too now. Bear with me...

Since the inception of the streaming-revolution and all the changes that brought to storytelling, B5 has certainly "lost something". So much of what made B5 awesome, even awesome 10 years ago, is bog-standard now. Time has finally caught up with it and several things just show their age:
From "outdated" arc construction to a few instances of a hard lore-dumps, its once innovative storytelling is so incredibly normal nowadays that it feels weaker in comparsion, its flaws are more apparent.
It is still very good. But I do think a remake is a good idea. Let JMS show what he has learned over the last 25 years.


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B5 and Wc3/4 are my absolute go toos for my sci-fi fix and if im not mistaken wasnt there a b5 to wcP/SO conversion site back in the day that had some ships?