Michelle D


I'm not done with the head. I would like to add in instanced feathers, and work on the texture more. I'm not doing a body yet, I'm looking for feedback on the head before I move on to the body. :eek:

Does it look too bird like or not humanoid enough?


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My only suggestion would be to move the nostrils back toward the base of the beak. It'd make eating a bit less risky.


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I say do the body...this thing looks pretty cool....It could be that not all Firekkan look the same ya know :)

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Now that that's out of the way, this looks excellent! The only thing I want to mention is that the transition from the beak to the rest of the head looks too smooth to me...maybe throwing a few more sub-divisions into the mesh before you apply the meshsmooth would be a good idea. Other than that, it looks awesome! If you need a tutorial on how to do the feathers, this might come in handy:
Anyhow, best of luck!


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When I searched the forums about Firekkan ships I stumbled over this thread.

Did you improve the bird since then?
(I know you are working on the Kilrathi female at the moment, but I would certainly like to see some more of this one, too)

Michelle D

The reference image

A little more done on the model

I'm not too good on anatomy so pretty much everything is a best guess.

And thank you Howard, that tutorial was awesome!

Red Baron

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Definately like this one better, especially the insidious grin. First one looked like a pidgeon methinks.
I don't remember the novels very well, but didn't they have tree houses they had to fly to?

Michelle D


I made a bit of a mistake in the previous image I think the wing bone were supposed to point down first then up then back down. I'll have to rig these to see if they fold up properly.


gh0d (Administrator)
testing out wings, anyone know if they can fly or just glide?

They have full flight capability, as shown in Freedom Flight where servers at the bar that Hunter and K'kai were drinking at were flying around to deliver orders, in a vertically oriented building.

(Whether such flight on a humanoid form is even possible is a subject for another forum.)