Final Thunderbolt VII model



Sicne with the model geometry as it was I could not get the shading right, especially with shinemaps applied; the vertex lighting showed it's ugly face everwhere on the mainbody when smoothed, and making the model faceted didn't help either, so I've decided to add another odd 100 polies or so to smooth things out; if you look at the picture below, you'll notice that the wings and main body's hard edges are gone. Now the shading is correct. As soon as it gets reconverted to WCS I'll post ingame screens.

Now look:


gevatter Lars

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Dragon wouldn't be reworked after the final version is released. I remeber we had an older Dragon model somewhere, but since we are aiming for the Kilrathi War timeline it won't be an official model if it makes it into the final version.
Time will tell if we are going to do the Dragon...maybe for another campain....or just to complete the set of fighters ^_^


We have an old Dragon model somewhere, but I don't even know if it works with the new HT&L limitations anymore. It's unoptimzed like hell anyways, and we already have more than enough work with the WC3 stuff anyways.
You'll get the Excalibur, that should be anough for you , it's cooler than the Dragon anyways.


Yeah...that graphic is the sole survivor of the early stages of WCS. It's a high poly CGI model so we can't use it ingame.

BTW Here's the Thud with WCS engine effects applied:



This what you can do with a lot of talent and some friends in the SCP, folks. Hats off to the Saga modelling team... Damn, that's impresive, Lynx.