fighters on destroyers


do destroyers and cruisers carry fighters in WC? if so, how many and what kind?

i ask because TCS vigilant might get a detachment of fighters assigned to it


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Off the top of my head, I know that Waterloo cruisers carry fighters because we land on one in SO1, and Plunketts supposedly carry 15 fighters, usually Panthers, IIRC.

I don't think there are any destroyers out there designed to carry fighters - if they did, I'm sure it'd be heavily modified. The Intrepid doesn't count, it's a heavy destroyer which was converted to a carrier.


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Destroyers with fighters do exist in WC, as seen by the Exeter ship that ambushed the Claw had a complement of fighters, but they would be more of the exception rather then the norm. I'm guessing several destroyers (around WC1-2 times) were retro-fitted with small launch bays. If all destroyers in the ConFed Fleet had at least two squadrons of fighters, you wouldn't need carriers...


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Oh yeah, the Johann/Gwenhyvar. I thought the fighters only flew as escort for the Gwenhyvar, and that the Kilrathi just happened to capture the fighters along with the Johann.

Well, after re-reading the script about it, it turns out they did capture it with its fighter complement. I suppose it was a special thing though. Also for mission design reasons, they could only use a destroyer anyway - Confed didn't have any cruisers in WC1.


The TCS Coventry also carried a half squadron of fighters in the HOTT novel. (Five fighters, since Confed used squadrons of ten during the war.}


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Confed had cruisers in WC1 but they weren't in the game. The Freedom Flight novel said Hobbes's Fralthi cruiser destroyed the Waterloo-class cruiser TCS Leningrad, and the TCS Austin was a Gettysburg-class cruiser (probaly heavy cause they all said it was bigger then the Claw).


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I seem to remember reading something about certain small capships being fitted with external claps/docks that fighters would latch onto, and the pilot and crews would magnet-walk on the hull to get in and out of the ship.


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Yep. This was mentioned somewhere in End Run, I think, and was done on transports. We know of at least one transport that had been converted to carry fighters in an internal hangar (Paladin's Bonnie Heather), but presumably this could only be done with transports that weren't actually expected to carry cargo.


That was indeed a vague question. Are we supposed to assume that the fighters on the destroyers in WC are the equivalent of helicopters on today's destroyers?


sorry for being vague, but since there's no real equivalent for ship-based helicopters in WC, i assumed that small capships must carry some kind of armed strike craft - fighters fit the bill

i guess putting fighters on destroyers doesn't make a lot of sense, but Vigilant is designed to sweep many systems quickly & operate independently, so it needs some fighters (drones can't do everything)

anyway, it's for a sequel idea to WC: DDX, where another Vigilant-class ship, this time modified as a fast stealth carrier, is built

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Hey does any of you wing nuts out there, know of any progress with the Homeworld Mod of Wing Commander Fleet action. I under stand the project was put on hold, does anyone know of anyone envolved in the project that can give me more info on the matter. Thanks

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The Homeworld MOD has been stagnant for quite some time now, if I'm not mistaken.