Fiction Viewer Issues



I'm a little slow on the take and am just now getting into UE. Anyway, after beating mission 2 (destroy the Ralari), I wasn't paying attention and forgot to write down the password for the next set of fiction. And, since I'm having trouble beating it again for some reason, I decided to go on to the next mission and just try and catch up with the story in after the next mission. However, after I beat the next mission and went to the fiction viewer to unlock the next section, it keeps telling me that the password is incorrect. And I wrote it down ahead of time and have verified that I am inputting the correct password (as given) for Mission 3. Is there some bug in the viewer that if you don't unlock mission 2's fiction, you can't get to mission 3? Or am I doing something wrong?

The missions are unlocked in sequence - that is to say, you won't even have the option of opening up the fiction for mission 3 until you open up the fiction for mission 2.

Anyway, depending on whether you captured the Fralthi, the password you're looking for is either ARRIVAL (if you've got the Fralthi) or INVASION (if you had to destroy the Fralthi).