Fiction Update (August 11, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
And Origin said, 'Let there be light', and there was the light of the newly illuminated 'Secure Channel' button at And the light allowed access to the first fiction update, which may be found below.
INTER-SECTOR DAILY NEWS(ISDN)Midway Triumphant!Sol citizens celebrate victory over Aliens with the Confederation Flagship!​
(SOL, 2681.55) The TCS Midway is scheduled to return home as part of a Sector wide tour beginning with a Confederation Military reception at the Jupiter Station. After the terrible conflict that has left over two million dead, and one hundred thousand military and civilians missing in action, all of humankind are breathing a well-earned sigh of relief. The initial reception will feature keynote speaker Governor Cavazos, as well as Admiral Rayak, and Commander Patricia Drake; the Commander Air Group for the Midway. Executives from Bartok Enterprises will be on hand to discus the launch of the Confederation's newest weapon against terror, the Cerberus. This quick response military vessel will be put to work keeping the peace in the systems hardest hit by the alien menace. Although the reception is highly classified and restricted to official invite only, Confederation representatives have assured ISDN staff that a full press package will be made available for download shortly after the proceedings. After the Midway leaves Jupiter it will make its way straight to Earth where it will stop at the Terran Ship Yard Arcology. The governing staff of the Arcology, which is home t more than two hundred thousand, has begun immediate preparations for the arrival. Leon Tuyen, managing officiate of the TSY council commented at a press conference following the announcement of the Midway's visit: "It is such a great honor to be a temporary home for such a fine vessel. We will make sure she is up for her victory lap of the nearby systems. All of us owe a debt of thanks to the Midway and pray she never again need engage in such a conflict." When Officiate Tuyen was questioned about the recent troubles at the Arcology and if they posed any saftey issues, she responded: "Although some would call it coincidental irony, I believe it only fitting that a vessel which has overcome tremendous odds should find a home at a station that has, itself, overcome tremendous difficulties. To all involved with the rebuilding efforts following the bombing, this is a validation of all their hard work. We hope that the Arcology and the Midway stand as inspiration to all that face the trials life presents them. With the renewed assistance of Bartok Enterprises and Hurston Dynamics personnel, we should be fully prepared for their arrival." The Terran celebration will be held both planet side and aboard the Arcology in a sector wide simulcast to be relayed to all outlying sectors the following solar day. As well as speeches from various dignitaries, the event will also feature performances by Ghira Johan and Jillian Tong, among others. There has been no report as to whether the pilots who flew the final missions against the aliens will be present for any of the festivities. ISDN will bring you complete coverage of the events as the time approaches.

Original update published on August 11, 1998
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