Ferret Or Epee In Campaign Missions ????


Standoff is the BEST
I have finished all the tree chapters and i've enjoyed a lot the missions and plot

The voices are awesome (i LOVE the Trigger character) and the models are the best
The cockpits are really very well done too

I feel like playing WC2 with 2006 technology

But i've missed the ferret and the epee... (i could cry)

Can somebody make a patch/mod to play the regular missions with thoses ships ???

I don't know about mission scripting but i think that it's not too hard to change the ships name in the mission editor

I think that lot of people would LOVE to play the Standoff chapters with WC2 ships like the Ferret or the Epee

The stiletto looks like an airplane, and the WC2 ships have beatiful designs

Keep the good work !! I can't wait to play the next episodes


AFAIK they choose the stilleto over the rest, because on the sheet, it's much better.

But i would like a little addon to choose between Ferret/Epee/Stiletto......
but we need Episode 4 and MP patch first.

Maybe some coder can make the shipchanger combatiple with standoff?


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We chose the Stiletto, actually, because it was seen in Privateer, and both Standoff and Priv take place in Gemini Sector, within just a few months of each other.

About the MP patch... this is the second time I've seen a post that seems to suggest episode 4 and the MP patch are the same thing. I don't know if that's what you meant, but just to clarify - episode 4 will not introduce multiplayer in Standoff. Neither will episode 5, most likely. As long as we're working on the actual episodes, we just don't have time to think about multiplayer - so in all likelihood, you won't see any kind of multiplayer patch until after episode 5.


If you look at the numbers, the Stiletto has everything that the Ferret has (except for the Ferret's smaller profile) plus a bit more. The Stiletto's speed and maneuverability is identical to the Ferret's, and it has ITTS, which the Ferret lacks, as well as 50% more armor and four Heatseeker missiles (as opposed to two for the Super Ferret or zero for the patrol Ferret). Thus, the Stiletto comes out as slightly superior to the Ferret in combat power. However, I can understand why you would want the twin nose-mounted particle cannons of the Epee at times, since the Mass Drivers on the Stiletto have such a short range.


The Stiletto have better shields, but the design is ugly. The Morningstar is ugly too. They dont look like space ships. They look like airplanes... Is that a F-15 or a F-117 stealth fighter ???? I know a lot about space ships designs because i live on the border worlds
The Ferret design is beatiful (i'm going to buy a second-hand ferret next month, because i need to travel and my actual ship is about to explode)
After reading about ship editing, i have managed to change the Stiletto for the Ferret, and the Morningstar for the Raptor. Only for my personal use, i will not upload it. I have played the campaign with thoses ships and i loved it. I have extracted the files from stan_sim.tre and renamed the files in the "ships" folder. Even the cutscenes are rendered with the Ferret model. I have also changed the name in simtext.eng. But the small vector model showed at the briefings is still the Stiletto model. Where is located the small vector model used for the briefings ???? The model showed at the simulator mission selector screen is the Stiletto model too.... Where is located the small model used for the simulator mission selector ???? I repeat, this is only for my personal use, i will not upload it

Here you can see me docking after mission one:


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Nobody actually said it, but you and one or two other people implied it in your posts. So, even if you didn't think Ep.4 and the MP patch were the same thing, your post would have made a lot of other people come to that conclusion.