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I'm not sure about that. Confed, as far as we've seen, has free passage through a few Kilrathi systems, all of which may be factions friendly to the Confederation. There's no telling which systems may be friendly and which not. There could be whole sectors with big electric fences and "Warning: Guard Cat on premises" signs up.

As far as the Assembly of Clans, that could just be the recognized government by the humans...the same as how Taiwan was briefly recognized as the legitimate government of China or Charles II seen as the king of England-in-exile. It's a common practice to recognize only those political bodies which exist in your favor.
Well, if there were Kilrathi areas hostile to Confed, I would have thought it was more likely that those areas were clearly marked, not less likely. It would lessen the chances of border clashes and such.

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It might be more likely, say, on a threat analysis map. Take for instance Chechnya. They sure as shootin' consider themselves their own country, and if you just try to walk in you're likely to be shot or taken prisoner. But on a map it's still part of Russia. Why? Because there is no officially recognized Chechnyan nation.
But we do that because we don't want to annoy the nice Russians with the nuclear weapons. :D Confed seems a lot more blase about Kilrathi feelings, all the way up setting up mining operations in the debris of their sacred homeworld. I don't see Confed map makers kow-towing to the Kilrathi in that way.

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Well, opinions on mapmaker prejudices aside, we've seen there is at least one Kilrathi faction (the cult of Sivar) who is hostile to the Confederation, even has the resources to attack Confederation colonies. They're certainly not denoted on the 'official map,' although the situation is analogous...the Assembly probably views the cult and other splinter factions as 'areas in rebellion'. But I think it's very odd to say there are no Kilrathi splinter organizations (we've seen Melek and old whatshisname from False Colors) in 2681 just because the Confederation is mining Kilrah.
The cult of Sivar seems to be more of religious/idealogical force (as suggested by their name) rather than a political body. I would certainly think that factional fighting would be quite common in the Assembley of Clans, but its a long way from that to an organised state with its own territory, Emperor, and forces, which is what a distinct Empire imples.

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Even discounting False Colors and Melek (which would be weird...), it's obvious the Cult of Sivar isn't a political party. We know they raid Confederation colonies, and if they were a part of the Assembly it's fairly obvious the Assembly would be obligated to stop it. Since the cult can field its own cruisers and fighters, they obviously have an infrastructure somewhere, some ability to maintain a fleet powerful enough to hit Confederation colonies.

It's also kinda odd that it would be okay for Andorra to exist, even though it's not on the map, but it's not okay for some random Empire to exist, even though it's not on the map either.
The Cult of Sivar is the predominant Kilrathi religion -- it's *not* an implicitly militant group. Heck, the 'announcements' at the Prophecy site included one about a Cult of Sivar service being held on the Midway.
I'm confused...why is there's such opposition from the pilots with flying with the 'Cult of Sivar' (someone they seem to hold apart from normal Kilrathi), and why is it we're told they raid Confederation colonies? If the Assembly approved such actions, wouldn't that mean the Confederation would declare war?

It seems to me its more obvious the Cult is a splinter faction of fanatics...kind of a Kilrathi Al Qaeda, if you will.
Regarding the Andorra/New Empire comprison, one anomaly desn't justify another. :D Andorra was a good idea at the time, but it hasn't contributed much to the club in recent years. The solution of most Aces has been to tuck it away out of sight and ignore it. If there was a gracefull way to bring Andorra to a close that doesn't create new anomalies (and I have a few ideas on that score) then I'm all for it.

As for False Colors and Melek, I don't see how the existence of splintte factions in the 2670s clashes with the idea of a (more or less) united Assembly of Clans in 2681. It suggests that the clans found enough in common in that decade to put an end to the worst of the in-fighting, and present a united face to the humans.

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I apologize, but I still can't see how the Aces canon can reject one potential faction because it's not on a map and then accept another faction which is also not on the map.

I found a copy of Illusion, and it seems to fix a lot of things to sync Aces canon (thanks for the timeline, btw Neo) with WC canon in the WCP era. Particularly since there's this shadowy character who seems to be running things. It also gives the Kilrathi the capacity to be a potential threat again...because how much fun can you have with a whipped foe you spent the first three games blasting the hell out of?

In addition, like I said, if the Assembly has control of the Cult, then they should, I dunno, maybe stop them from raiding Confed colonies?
Well, Andorra was well before the time of the Aces who're currently active in the club. We can't simply remove it now without invalidating a lot of storylines that were part of the club's early history. As I see it though, the fact that we created one new faction way back isn't really a justification for creating another new one now.

As for fighting the Kilrathi again making for an interesting storyline, that 's true enough. With the Nephilim on the loose though, the humans might well have their hands full without fighting the Kilrathi as well. Confed is big and strong and well armed, that's true, but it's not invincible. When I think of a two front war, I get images of what happened to Germany in WW2.

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I don't think we're really arguing the same points here, so I'm just going to say you're the Aces coordinator and I'm not and be that the end of it.
Actually, the Aces don't have a coordinator as such. I coordinate the Holding The Line story (which is the most active storyline at the moment) and do the club's adminstrative stuff like maintaining the club mailing list and sending clubwide mailouts for other people.

As for the argument, I always like a good debate. :D

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