fave quote from wc

Fenris Ulven

whats your fav quote from wc?

i have a lot of them, hard to decied, maniac have many good ones, but i think i perfer tolwyn's: "so what would you aimed at conol if you had the biggest gun in the univers?"
"Didn't we just have a thread like this a month ago?" - everyone in a few hours...it's from wc...the wc community that is...
My faves:

1. "Time to see a vet, kitty."-Col. Blair-WCIII
2. "You're goin' home in a box, buddy."-Blair, WCIV
3. "Hey pal.......uh,Senator......."-Maniac, WCIV
4. "Maniac, shut up."-Paladin, WCIV
5. "You're clear sir. Oh, I hear Pliers is doing cartwheels across the launch deck, so take care not to run him over." :D-Sosa, WCIV.
"How was that biochemist..was she friendly or friendly fire?!" WCIV Blair
"I thought you didnt care about any woman with an IQ higher than a wingnut!" WCIV Vagabond
"Didnt go bang, must have a seperate detonator." WCIV Pliers
"Not with their sabers extended!" WCIV Maniac
"You want a piece of me? (Maniac)...."Ill kick your ass!" (Dekker) WCIV

Tons more just cant think of em right now.
From Privateer 2:
"We've been giving them the mushroom treatment."
"The mushroom treatment?"
"Yeah. Feed them shit. Keep them in the dark."
with phonetic markings, eheheh.
Seriously, the most classic quote of all time:
Dundradal said:
"Didn't we just have a thread like this a month ago?" - everyone in a few hours...it's from wc...the wc community that is...

We could always talk about everybody's favorite fighter or something.
or fav capship, or fav non main character wingman in the games, or which character people hate the most, etc...
[Maniac, a major, resents Blair getting promoted ahead of him.]
Maniac: I bet you stay up all night just polishing that.
Col. Blair: No, as a matter of fact I have majors that do that for me.
Maniac: The difference in our ranks is just a formality. We all know who's better in the cockpit.
Col. Blair: Yes, we do.

Maniac: Who here's heard of the Maniac?
Maniac: Oh, what, nobody?
hehehe or:
"we have to decied it out there, next time your my wingman i might roatte my turrets a litle and hey acident happens.....
He has his good points. While he is annoying, he's a pretty good pilot, and he does have a decent kill record. (Nothing like Blair's, of course.)

I also like that bit at the start of WC4:

Maniac: "Maniac, my callsign. It's how I live. It's how I fly. 'Cuz that's the name. Come on around. Come on around right here."
Blair: "Hey, Maniac!"
Maniac: "Blair!"
*the other pilots start giving Blair a VERY warm welcome*
Maniac (being an a-hole, as usual): "All hail the mighty "Heart of the Tiger""
Maniac: "You know, you're not the only hero in Confed. I've taken out more cats than most ships' entire attachments. Do I get the red carpet treatment? No, No. I carry my own duffel bag, I don't go schmoozin' with the admiral. *annoying voice* Admiral Tolwyn, Tolwyn, Tol......has he said anything about me?"
Blair: "You haven't heard? He couldn't stop talking about you, Maniac."
Maniac: "Wha....."
Blair:"Well.....It's classified. I mean, I could tell ya, but, then I'd have to kill ya!" :D
From Wing Commander I

Halcyon: If Maniac gives you any static you have my permission to shoot him to pieces.
Maverick: Should I use missiles, sir, or ship’s guns?
Halcyon: Guns, Maverick. Save your missiles for important targets.
Maniac: What?

From Wing Commander III

Maniac: Well, if it isn’t lover-boy, himself. I saw you puttin’ the moves on everybody’s favourite little grease monkey.
Maverick: Jealous?
Maniac: Aw, I don’t think getting into her pants requires any high-risk manoeuvring.
Maverick: Or just the fact that it takes manoeuvring leaves you breathing my engine exhaust, doesn’t it?
Maniac: Yeah… oh man… I’ve dated all you girls!

From Prophecy

Stiletto: Give me a couple more of those big guns and I’ll carve out my own corner of the universe.
Maestro: I have a big gun. I have a happy gun.
Stiletto: Cute! <slaps Maestro>
Halcyon: Good morning, boys and girls. Welcome to the Brimstone system. As you know, there are several Kilrathi military bases on the second planet. We are here to scout the system before a possible Confederation invasion.
Maniac: Way to go, Chief! Finally, we get some real action!
Halcyon: That will mean a heavy patrol schedule…
Maniac: Patrol schedule? Aw, heck, that’s no fun!
Halcyon: …as we gather intelligence on the strength of local Kilrathi forces. You’re first in the rotation, Maverick. For your wing, I want you to take… Maniac, I think. He seems to be anxious for an assignment.
Maniac: Oh, sure. Send me. I wouldn’t want you to trouble Iceman or Hunter with a routine patrol.
Halcyon: Stow it, Marshall. There’s always lavatories to scrub, if you’d rather.
Maniac: <speechless> (You know, his mouth looks like ' 0 '