FAQ : Privateer Bootdisk, WCP & Riva TNT, Privateer 2 DOS in Win 9x


This is for Admins. specially:

Why not make a section or page in the CIC with the information on how to make a boot disk to play the old WC games, like Privateer, WC1,WC2 (DOS), and how to play with out the CD,etc. So it will be more easy to the people who have problem in making the bootdisk. I know everyone has a diferent computer but the skeleton autoexec and config is the same to all.

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How To play Privateer with out the CD:

Copy the Priv.tre and RF.tre to your Privateer directory, then edit the Priv.cfg and Rf.cfg with the new path for the *.tre files.

How to play WC2 with out the CD:

Copy the Wing2 directory of the CD, to any directory (i.e C:\wing2), then in DOS or Windows, select the directory with the right button of the mosue, then in properties unmark the read-only option.now Install.bat (i.e C:\wing2\install.bat) from DOS and configure at your pleasure.

Bootdisk to play Privateer or other DOS game

This work for me and others here:

devicehigh=emm386.exe ram 16384 i=b000-b7ff
devicehigh=vide-cdd.sys /d:mscd001 (is my CD-rom driver, replace with yours )

loadhigh=mscdex /d:mscd001
loadhigh=a:\PCIAUD\SETAUDIO ( this is my Sound card Driver replace with yours)

If you have the *Mouse error, not found* In WCP:

Download the last driver of your mouse.

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This is a FAQ ( ;) ) made by me some time ago.
If any admin want to stick first in technical support.
WCP Problems

*If you have problems with the movies (i.e. skipping movies)*
Try disabling the sound aceleration in DirectX sound section

*If you have a TNT2 chipset card, and WCP looks with lines*

Go to TNT2 section in display properties and set (in more D3D) texel alignement fuul to the left (7)
Installing Privateer 2 DOS version to work in Win9x DOS box.

First for this to work you must have SB Emulation installed.
If you haven't already done so download the P2 patch: https://www.wcnews.com/files.shtml#wcpriv2. This patch will only work for the DOS version of P2.

Do not let the game install via the Auto-play feature. Explore the CD and right click on the "install.exe" file. Choose Properties, then the Program tab > Advanced button. Make sure that only the "Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows" box is check. Now double click on the "install.exe" to install the game. The P2 configuration screen should load. Configure everything as normal. Uses P2's auto-detect program to configure your Sound Card and Music Card settings. When the installation has completed, copy the P2 patch to the C:\DARK directory and retract it.

To install the patch file run the "Patch.bat" file. Once that is done right click one the "dark.exe" choose "Copy", next right click on the Desktop and choose "Paste Shortcut". Now right click shortcut icon you had just created and like before choose Properties, then the Program tab > Advanced button. Make sure that only the "Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows" box is check. You can now play P2 in windows by using this icon.
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What is all this JEMM business anyway? You'd think that these great new computers would be created to have the ability to also play old games! Oh I remember good old Privateer, back in the day.....
JEMM is the custom memory manager used in Privateer and Armada, and is completely incompatible with Windows. And new computers often have a very hard time playing old games.

I am trying to get privater to run but it is complaining about protected mode driver is not responding to ems funstion calls. Can you help?
Format your harddrive and install win 98. Then, hunt down the "Dos mode for EMS support" and you'll have no problems.
In the end Partition Magic doesn't do anthing else then formatting your HD of course. It just keeps your data (at least it should).
As for possibilities with NTFS. You might want to try stuff like "NTFS Reader for DOS"
However I did always only see READERS. As in read only, no writing possible. Haven't got any practical experiance in any of them in any case.
Hmm - this one should do writing also?
I've got Privateer and RF to play on an NTFS drive in WinXP with full sound and everything using DOSBox v0.61. It's a great DOS emulator that works really well for old games. I've been replaying the Crusader duo with no problems so far, and Priv works just fine after a little tweaking. Get it here:


There's plenty of help in their forums too for how to set it up and play old games on new systems. . .

good luck!

CD change in P2

Hi, I'm running Privateer 2 with the Dos to Windows patch and so far so good, but when it comes to changing to cd2 I can't seem to progress. Does anybody know a simple way to get around this? I am assuming the game is simply looking in the wrong place or something.

Cheers guys