Fan project in the works!


If anyone has played Star Trek: Bridge Commander its easily moddable and has good graphics.

My goal is to make you command Wing Commander capital ships instead of flying fighters(you launch the fighters from your ship) and make a whole universe with planets,systems and some sort of storyline using ALL ships from Wing Commander 3-5, this will be a mod for Bridge Commander,all ships will hav original weapon sounds and colors,shield colors aswell.

So far I have Completed these ships and they are currently in the game:
Vesuvius Heavy Carrier(can launch fighters in-game)
Midway Mega Carrier(no weapons currently)
Hades Cruiser(no weapons currently)
Murphy Destroyer(no weapons currently)
Plunkett Cruiser(no weapons currently)
Tallahassee Cruiser(no weapons currently)
Behemoth dreadnaught(has weapons but model needs to be redone..)
Ella Starbase
Thunderbolt heavy fighter
Longbow bomber
Excalibur heavy fighter(with cloak capability)
Arrow light fighter
Bearcat heavy fighter
Hellcat V med fighter
Devastator bomber(no weapons)
Panther Space Superiority Fighter(no weapons)
Piranha light fighter(no weapons)
Shrike bomber(no weapons)
Tigershark MR fighter(no weapons)
Vampire Space Superiority Fighter(no weapons)
Wasp Interceptor(no weapons)
Condor Refuel Shuttle
Seahawk Warning and Control Ship
comm relay
heavy laser weapon platform

Kilrathi dreadnaught
Fralthi 2 Cruiser
Bhantkara Carrier(no weapons currently)
Corvette(no weapons currently)
heavy and light destroyers(no weapons currently)
Supply depot
Dralthi med fighter
Bloodfang super fighter(no weapons currently)
Darket light fighter(no weapons)
K'ha'haf Rock fighter(no weapons,will deploy 6 tiny astroid weapons platforms)
Paktahn Bomber(no weapons)
Sorthak super fighter( no weapons)
Strakha stealth fighter( no weapons but will obviously get a cloak)
Vaktoth heavy fighter(no weapons)

Devil ray Space Superiority Fighter(no weapons atm)
Lamprey shield killer(no weapon atm)
Manta heavy fighter(no weapons)
Moray Med fighter(no weapons)
Ray Interceptor Cluster(no weapons)
Skate Interceptor Cluster(no weapons)
Squid Interceptor(no weapons)
Stingray Capship Interdictor(no weapons)
Tiamat Drednaught(no weapons)
comm relay

Black Lance:
Dragon fighter(no weapons, will cloak)
Black Lance Base

Border Worlds
Avenger Torpedo Bomber/Heavy Fighter(no weapons)
Banshee light fighter(no weapons)
Vindicator med fighter(no weapons)
Durango light carrier(no weapons)
any of the confed ships with border worlds markings
Dragon fighter

Obviously the ones with no weapons will be done,need weapon sounds from Prophecy/Spec ops for the new ships..


All the ships with (no weapons) will not be in the screens,they are in the game but since their hardpoint/weapon files arent done they will not be in the current is the link to the current screens,but it looks better live!, seeing the fighters fight eachother while on the bridge of a capital ship is just awsome:D


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wow, I think Im gonna have to go buy Bridge Commander to play this mod. it looks great so far, keep up the good work


Doomsday's Neighbour
I love those fighters in the screenshot - well done for ageing the textures!

Just a suggestion, if the capship textures can somehow be broken down into sections to avoid so much tesselation on one surface, they'll be perfect.

Might even buy the game to run this :)


I havent made an update on this so here it comes:

Ive had some setbacks on this project:
1.Could not extract alot of ship models from the original game or some of the textures wer missing.
2.Could not extract alot of sounds from Wing Commander Prophecy
3.Got a virus that ruined one of my harddrives and a memory stick
4.Due to number 3 ive lost half of the ships I was working on..forgot to back them up.
5.Some of the websites I got some of those ships from are no longer working now.
6.Wing Commander prophecy spec ops would not run on my computer so I could make a fraps video of the weapon colors and sounds,kept getting a glide video error even after installing the Direct3D patch..

But I will still have a BETA 2 working soon,just the ships from prophecy may not have the correct weapon colors or sounds..

Just wanted to give people a heads up if they have found a copy of Star Trek: Bridge Commander and are looking for my mod,you can find the BETA1 from the link in the 6th post in this thread..


BES said:
All the ships with (no weapons) will not be in the screens,they are in the game but since their hardpoint/weapon files arent done they will not be in the current is the link to the current screens,but it looks better live!, seeing the fighters fight eachother while on the bridge of a capital ship is just awsome:D

Niiiiiiiice. I'll be watching for this thread to update and your announcement of Mod 2.


Another update,all ships are done, minus a few,All bases will have shields and thick armor plating and no weapons,you must deploy the different types of weapons platforms ive made and fighters to protect it. In the link ill be posting is a bunch of screens of a capital ship war between these ships:

Fralthi Cruiser
2x plasma weapons platforms,each weapon platform has 4 plasma turrets 600 damage each.


the Kilrathi carrier collided with one of the weapons platforms and they both blew up so Confed won.

here is the link:


beautifull ! always wanted to play Confed allied with Starfleet in some way ( aside from the star trek armada mod ) hope to see a release soon.


Yeah I need to ajust the shields on that fralthi it took like 18shots from a 9000+ damage beam cannon:D ,and also make the beam abit I said it needs work still, im flying solo on this one(as in doing it by myself)+working+dealing with a wife and 2kids so its going slow.

Basically atm im working on balance issues between the ships and scale vs other ships.Some of the ships firing too many missiles or torpedos too aswell.

the thing with Wing Commander in Bridge Commander is that all ships require a torpedo subsystem or else the gunner wont fire,u will have to drive the ship and fire I made each ship have low power(around 300-1000 damage) torpedos, even the kilrathi carrier.

I found that some ships missiles/torpedos seem to fire clean through the shields and take out a more powerfull ship than the one that fired the torpedos/missiles,havent figured out why thats happening though..

Oh and if anyone wants Bridge Commander(for this upcoming mod of course!) and doesnt have it just PM me I know where u can get it(legally).