False Virus Alert

Just a heads up, a couple of the UE files showed up on my viruscan as infected with a virus: wcue_full.exe . The virus is called W95/CTX.
What virus scanner? McAfee (I am not sure if viruscan was the product name or a typing error). In any case I'd suggest to download an additional scanner and check with that one as well. (or alternatively upload the file to some online scanner like the one offered by AVP).
The chances are very high that this is either a false detection OR your PC has a virus and WCUE just got it as well. If UE itself had a virus someone should have mentioned it years ago.
I think I was able to fix this. It turns out a friend who I thnk has a worm sent an e-mail to me. The first file that showed up was that WCUE executable file. So I at that time I didn't think it was my friend's e-mail. But then we ran the scan again and a bunch of other files showed up before that WCUE file. Then I realized my friend had thought that they might of had a virus and remembered downloading a few attachments two nights ago from him.

So I thought I should send a warning out just in case there was a virus here.
Or we could leave it up so people know not to download attachments or transfer files from you. :)