I'd like to say 'hi' to everyone who inhabits these boards and to the developers of Pioneer.

I am so excited waiting for this game, more so than I've been excited about any games in a long time. The last time I remember feeling this way was back when I read a magazine article promissing Privateer 3!!! (which obviously lead to a major dissapointment not long later).

You guys are doing a great job with this game, and I am anxiously waiting for the next little tidbit you want to throow our way (another piece of artwork, another cockpit view, perhaps a screenshot). I can't wait for any demos to be released and will be one of the first to download and play them.

Anyways, good job guys.
I'm glad you're excited! All I ask is that you keep in mind that this project, while progressing at a good clip, is not being accomplished at the same speed a normally-funded project would be. It's going to take us a while. However, I still plan on posting as many screenshots, models, and cockpits as I can - I realize how much you guys like that, and I know our team loves getting the feedback.
I'll post some shots of the Hydra cockpit when I get home, and I'll see if I can roust Joel for some screenshots of the editor.
Anyhow, thanks again, and I'm glad you took the time to post!
Trust me, I know how long stuff like this can take, and I also know that all the fans watching this project really appreciate the work you're putting into this, no matter how long it takes.

It could take another two years and I wouldn't hold anything against you, afterall, you're doing this on your spare time... Just wanted to let you know that there are some very appreciative (and anxious) fans awaiting the final product (or any product really). ;)
Sounds like fun. I'm keeping myself indifferent until I see this in action. Then I'm going to have Howard Day's children.
Fine Fine.... I'll consider naming one of my children in his honor but probably go with Vlad instead. Is that better?
meisdavidp said:
Fine Fine.... I'll consider naming one of my children in his honor but probably go with Vlad instead. Is that better?
All my children are going to be named Howard... In fact I've already named my dog after him...

Howie is a good boy isn't he? Yes he is... YES HE IS... He's so cute... Come on Howie, let's go play. ;-)
Nothing says "I love you" like giving a reason to have someone get a restraining order on you. :D