Episode 5 release date announcement


Mr. Standoff
Here's this friday's news update.

[size=+1]Standoff's final episode is coming...

August 10th, 2009.[/size]

That's 14 weeks and 3 days from today - or 101 days, if you prefer. Standoff will come to an end on 2009.222 - and not a day too early :p.

August 10th also happens to be the Wing Commander CIC's 11th birthday - so, no Standoff-related birthday gifts from us this year. Sorry ;). No, but seriously - the CIC has been hugely supportive over the years, in more ways than I can even describe. Come to think of it, without the CIC, the various members of our team probably wouldn't have even heard of each other. All in all, it seems really appropriate that our final release will be a birthday gift for the CIC and its - our - entire community.

Meanwhile - how's about some progress? Well, Tempest reports that he's received the last voiceovers from the final remaining external actor this week. Now, apart from cleaning & filtering those, he still has one final role to record by himself - and then we're done with voiceovers.

...Or maybe not. We've spent quite a bit of time discussing what additional improvements might be made to the game during the extra time before release, and it may well be we'll record a few more voiceovers before we're done.

What about the rest of the team? I'm working away on improving the ship graphics, Pedro is working away on further graphical upgrades, Pierre is polishing up sim missions, and Quarto's... ok, Quarto really hasn't done anything since the last update. But he's still working on that final mission, supposedly ;). Only the testers seem to be goofing around. No computer? Come on, Dundradal, when has that ever stopped anyone? ;)
Yeah yeah...I'm going to try and borrow the testing machine this weekend...looks like now I'm really under the guns of the fleet...
Seeing that my birthday is August 9 and I have been following Standoff since at least 2002, I have got to thank you guys in advance for a great birthday gift, as well! (kidding)

Honestly, CIC deserves all the accolades it is getting as without it, nobody would have know of Standoff, all of us included. Who was it that said it..."The network is the computer!"

A heartfelt thanks for all the work you guys have done and still continue to do to bring us one of the best Wing Commanders ever. Not just another sci-fi sim, a Wing Commander one. WC2 era is my favorite, so I can't complain about that, either.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! this just made my day, I cant wait for August 10th! I hope the summer goes quickly now haha.
O.O I go away for the weekend and you spring a big surprise like this? Anyway, good on you, folks. Make or break the deadline, I don't really mind. Keep you your faithful work.
Well apparently Eder's chastising had a good effect...I now have ready access to a testing machine (a laptop of course :D ) for the foreseeable future so now no one can say it was the testers who held up the release date. :p
Finally the project draws to an end. And here I was thinking I'd get all the other episodes played in time for Episode 5, and you announce new cutscenes for Episode 1! Well, that's great news, and one can always wait a while.