Episode 4

Maybe our producer/coordinator Quarto will be able to give you a more realistic approximation, but I'd say somewhere late in the summer or early fall. Of course, don't expect a date or anuhing more precise, as it would go against our "it'll be done when it's done" policy :p But learning from our rush to get Episode 3 out for the hollidays and the need for a patch that ensued, we'll probably take much more time for testing this time.
At this stage, I fear it's much too early to give anything more realistic than what Pierre already said - and note that even late summer/early fall is just what we're hoping for, so don't blame us if it doesn't happen. We do, however, very much want to finish both remaining episodes this year. It's been a long, long project, and we'd kinda like to see the end of it ;).
I probably said so already, but rushing killed too games with good pontential already. Leave the crew time, the world won't break apart because of a late release. Besides, the simulator is more than enough busy-work, IMO. Have you tried the alternative episode 3, by the way? To get it, don't eliminate the destroyer in ep.2 at your first chance.
I finally am able to play WC again (hurrah!) and must guys you have done an amazing job on Standoff. Everything looks fantastic and it's really nice to see all the ships as 3d models instead of just sprites. The battles are outstanding, although I firmly believe the stilletto is a gift from the devil...now if I can just protect the Verdun...

Again thank you guys for doing this it truly shows your devotion to WC and the community
If the Verdun was the destroyer you're supposed to protect from Grikaths then try using the navmap to find which ones are targeting it.
I finally got it...still lost her engines though...

I must say you guys certainly have made some very intense missions...I really don't recall using the navmap in WCP/SO but it's very essential in Standoff...good job on making us use a feature Origin did do quite as well...
There is a nav map on standoff? I had to win this mission without it. Nice attempt at making a Kurosawa 2.
Delance said:
There is a nav map on standoff? I had to win this mission without it. Nice attempt at making a Kurosawa 2.
Yes there's a nav map. You press ctrl-n (I believe) to access it. It allows you to see all the enemy targets and what they're attacking.
I was talking about the Sao Paolo mission. Yeah Ctrl-N, I was thinking about just N. Oh well, I played it anyway.
Just wondering if you guys have removed the Vatari from Standoff...I noticed it wasn't on the progress page for ships have been completed...I realize it's a ship we never see and really only gets mentioned less than a handful of times in FA...just hoping to still engage it at Sirius and Sol...
I'm pretty sure it gets mentioned *once* in FA, and that's that. :p
Anyway, no, it hasn't been removed. I think we've kept it at least somewhere in the simulator, haven't we?
The progress page doesn't really include all the ships in the game at this point - we just can't be bothered expanding the table by another row for the sake of one or two ships (this in particular is the case for the Arrow). That having been said, I can certainly see the Vatari on the progress page, so I'm not sure why you're asking. It may be that you missed it because it moved by one cell when the Shok'lar got added.

And yeah, the Vatari will show up once or twice - but you definitely won't see it a lot. We're really kinda stretching things by having the Vatari in there - Fleet Action never actually claims that the Vatari is finished and ready to enter service.
Will we be battling Gothris in the next episode?
I hope they won't be impossible to beat without a joystick, but I guess I will find out.
Oh, and I didn't mind that Episode 3 needed a patch.
Most professional games bring out patches. Some bugs are only found after hundreds or thousands of people have tested the game on their own PC configuration.