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I remember after Wing Commander IV wrapped they were left with some forty-odd Black Lance uniforms they had created... since they would never be needed for another Wing Commander, the producers joked that they should just go ahead and sell them off to some kind of racial supremacist hate group.
Two additions. First, two rifles i *thought* were the same for quite some time, but actually probably aren't.
Both Wing Commander Prophecy and Star Trek: First Contact feature a Calico M951 submachinegun with helical magazine.
Now that gun isn't especially rare in movies, but i've only ever seen it two times with a Bushnell holosight mounted on top, that was Prophecy and Star Trek: First Contact. The sight and addons really appear similar.
However, thanks to the hi-res DVD cutscenes, i could see that the Prophecy gun has its foregrip mounted backwards (movie armourers enjoy doing stuff like that), plus it doesn't even appear to have a Calico scopemount (like you see it in First Contact), Instead, it looks like the Bushnell sight is attached directly to the magazine for whatever reason.
Also, the Wing Commander: Prophecy armourer was Terence Morgan, and i couldn't find any Star Trek references in his portfolio.
Calico Prophecy.jpg
Calico Star Trek.jpg

And my second issue, has anyone been able to identify this pistol, also being used by Blair in the final cutscene? I *think* it's based off a real weapon, since you can actually see him rack the slide if you look closely. Size-wise it looks kinda Desert Eaglish with some stuff to hide its silhouette.
Hehe, maybe it's the Podbyrin 9.2mm.

Unknown Pistol.jpg
Sorry, forgot all about this - I'll get some photos this weekend.

I have my doubts about this one -- Wing Commander 3 and Dune 2000 were very different productions in terms of scale/location/budget/etc.
Well... maybe John Rhys-Davis took some of them as souvenirs and then brought them to the shooting location
Cool! Are you familiar with the Internet Movie Firearms Database? http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Category:Video_Game There are no Wing Commander game entries yet, but it sounds like you might be able to add one!
Yeah i contributed some stuff back when you didn't have to register. Unfortunately i'm not good with wikis, all the rules and templates give me a headache. If anyone else wants to add one, here's what i know:

Wing Commander Prophecy:
Marine Rifle - Calico M951
Pistol - Unknown

Wing Commander (movie):
Rifle - AK (74 probably, you can still see the tip of an AK-74 type flash hider. Unfortunately you don't see very much under the whole setup, but the bolt is definately from a Kalashnikov-type weapon)
Pistol - Beretta M92/F or M9 (Or a Taurus, again all marks of identification are obscured by other stuff)

Wing Commander Price of Freedom:
A couple of those guns seen in the hands of the Telamon colonists could be real weapons, one looks vaguely like a Goncz pistol but, again, very hard to say for sure.
Then there's this rifle shown as concept art (bottom one):
which looks like it would have been built out of a Muzzelite 10/22, but i didn't see it anywhere on screen.
All the other weapons look like they're built from scratch.

That's an awful lot of maybes and probables, i don't know if that qualifies for its own entry.

Well... maybe John Rhys-Davis took some of them as souvenirs and then brought them to the shooting location
Once again, the screenshot is from Emperor: Battle for Dune, not Dune 2000. Emperor had a bigger budget for the FMV scenes. I still think it's the same weapon, it has all the right angles and bolts at all the right places, just without the stock. But i agree the resolution of both the WC3 and Emperor cutscenes are too low to prove for sure.
Here's the concept art of said rifle from the WC3 Book of Props:

In comparison to the actual prop (at least the one on the right):
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