EA Discounts WC Games to 99 Cents (December 21, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

Most of the Wing Commander games may be excluded from the holiday sale at GOG this year, but Electronic Arts didn't forget about them! The five WC games sold directly from EA.com (formerly the Origin Store) have been marked down as a part of the Player Favorites Sale. Each game is only $0.99, which is a pretty slick 80+% discount. Other Ultima and Origin games are included in a similar price range. There are some other hot titles as well like Star Wars Squadrons for $1.99 and the Command & Conquer Remastered package for $4.99, which are also good pickups!

Original update published on December 21, 2023
Sadly, it looks like we cannot purchase any WC games in the French version of the EA app :/ I had snagged WC3 a few years ago on Origin tho'.