E-bay forward needed USA => Austria


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
I'd like to buy something form e-bay but the seller only sends to the USA.

Anyone here willing to lend me his/her address and to forward the promo as international letter to me?

(I can pay the seller myself and I'll also obviously cover your expenses by paypal or amazon gift card)
Hi cff,
I have a freight forwarder located in Portlan, Oregon if you want me to help you with this.
PM me if you're interested.
Did you ask the seller? Austria isn't specifically excluded in the list of countries. Often in this case you have to message the seller and ask how much shipping would be.

Usually works for me - Ive only run into the odd seller that doesn't want to ship outside the USA.
Thanks for all the replies. In the end I could finally convince the seller to send directly. :)