Dusting off the board

gevatter Lars

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Man thats a lot of dust in here...where was the light switch again? ^_^

There has been a lot of things going on at the news section of the board and I don't want to go into the details. If you want to read abuot it go there.

More importent to me is that I want to try to dust of this part of the CIC.
As I thought about how I should do this...well I heard that people where interested in the status of our ship models so I will start there.

I can't go to deep into the details, we want to keep some thing a secret for now but I doubt that its realy a secret.

Anyway progress...yes... currently we are checking our models for last errors like missing polys, shadeing errors and such.
There is a lot of discussion going on thats mostly based around our schedule. Yes I know a date of release we are aiming for but I can't tell you ^_^
What I can tell is that we are at about 95% finished with all our models.
That means that we currently have around 67 models in the game. We are still thinking about removing one and if we add the other, so its a rough number.

For everone who is now starting to head over to the ship-database to count all ever existing WC ships...I doubt you will get the same number ^_^
As you allready know we have ships like the Savannah or the Fra'lath that where not part of WC but only mentioned at some point or in case of the Fra'lath we had a drawing of it. (Name was given by us I think)

So let it be a surprise to you what makes the number.

I guess there are a lot of other questions. Feel free to post them and I will see if I can answere them.
Still remember that I am basicly just the CGI dude so for some answeres I have to dig them up myself. ^_^
Some more progress.

We finaly have all the little pieces together that we need for the briefing, rendering is finaly on its way...after a lot of trouble to shrink rendertimes to fit our schedule.
Also voicerecordings for the Briefings is comming along very well and Tolwyn even managed to get this strange clickings sound that was done during the briefings right.

The other "news" is that we have received about 300 requests for Beta testers. Thanks to everyone who wanted to help us or just wants to play the game as early as possible ^_^
Anyway the forums for beta testers and bugreports is now set up and the lucky ones will be informed about it.
For me it will be an interesting time, seeing what the tester will find good and what has to be improved.
Why you take the pic of the Prologue Yorktown?

This is a lot better and also ingame :


It's not better for that post, because I already used the cruiser exterior glamor shot as the first image. That Yorktown might be rendered in the engine, but that is not a gameplay screenshot. Using a shipboard gameflow scene as the middle image and the real ingame prologue shot at the end covers three different aspects of the game.
I agree with Chris here, the other image dosn't do any good or bad to the news. A newer shot of that scene would have been nice but there isn't much time to do screenshots.
(I know a poor excuse but makes a nice transition ^_^)

Speaking of time, our beta testers are spending quite some time with the beta r1 and we should have know that if you tell people to breake the game in every possible way they will do.

They allready found a good number of Neph..ähm bugs and we are trying our best to kill these little buggers.
For example there where turrets pointing the wrong direction when restarting a mission. Keldor allready fixed that.
He also refined the mouse controle and it will be interesting to see how it works out when we get into the next round of tests.

Anyway lots of stuff is going on and the testers don't let us sleep very much ^_^
Now back to work....