Due to health reasons...

A lil update: I'm back from them opening up my bile ducts in the liver. The gallbladder removal and stent removal will be in about 6 weeks.

So I'm back for a bit.
A bit late but glad to have you back! Even if it's only temporary. I still have my fingers crossed for your surgery.
Hey Quailpilot,

How's your health? Are you ready to fly Garga 2 in Scenario 2, or do you need me to keep subbing in?
I'm still feeling pretty crappy, and I have no idea what the heck our strategy is, or what is even happening.

If you could bring me back up to date, via an email that would help.

I'm might be able to continue playing.
it is truly amazing what a person can do when they put thier mind to it. Its not always easy to stay positive but hang in there, we all have you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted and stay strong!
Okie dokie everyone, my gallbladder is gonna be removed this Thursday, so I'll have no clue when I'll be back. It could be Friday, or it could be the middle of next year.

Have fun yall, and I'll be set because I'll be doing a....

Alien, Predator, and Alien Vs Predator marathon while I'm there.

And a Grand Campaign in WC Armada.
Good luck. Practice your campaign skills so you can try to beat me when you get back.
Well I'm back.

They got the damn thing out through my belly button. Yep...I look like I have been shot about 4 times in the gut with oh...a 9mm.