Download v4.65

You can also try You'll find it there (search for it) and there's even a patch for it fixing some docking problems and textures... There's a problem with the models, though. They won't show when the center's off-screen. Quite annoying with bases... You'll have to run FLModelTool or some tool like it (the older fladdradius, for example) on them to fix it.
thanks for the links
if's another question.
is this mode compatible with the german version of freelancer?
or do I have to get the english version too?
(I know from the Mechpak-mode of Mechwarrior 4 Merc. from MekTek that they hade to program a sepereted mode just for the german version because they wher not compatible)
different language doesnt matter...

maybe some unchanged parts of the game would still be in german, but likely most of the game have been changed!
Except for the descriptions of Freelancer-specific items, just about all of the language elements will be in English.

Is there a way to change out the soundbytes to new voice-overs with phrases from Privateer?

Instead of "Docked" for bases "Now entering an automatic landing zone"
and take out the "Docked" soundbyte altogether for Jump Nodes, just have the sound effect.

I'm sure there is no shortage of fans that would love to volunteer their voices
We tried that, once. It caused nasty crashes and we took it out pending further notice. I'd certainly like to re-implement it.
Freelancer uses UTF files to store several hundred sound bites in one file, for each of it's 20 or so voices.

We've tried creating new UTF files, and editing the related INI files, to no avail.
We also tried editing the existing files, but with no luck there, either.

Version 3.0, which is labeled v1.21 on Lancer's Reactor, is the only version ever made public that had any Privateer voices.
And that was an accidental release.
(I'd sent that version to be Alpha Tested, and the Tester went on vacation, no one else knew about it, so they released it. Buggiest release ever!)

There is a new UTF file ripper/compiler that looked promising over on LR, but with my file-corrupting-computer, I never got past a few simple tests.
The ripper will rip ever sound out of the UTF file, and write it to your HDD as a WAV file.
I had begun listening to every WAV file, and comparing it to the appropriate entry in the male/female space voice INI files.
Simply replacing the appropriate original WAV with a Privateer WAV worked fairly well in preliminary tests with the compiler.
(I only replaced one or two phrases.)
The main problem is that there are 2 INI's, 20 voice UTF's, and around 300 WAV files in each UTF file.
(And that's not including storyline, special character, and some base-specific UTF's.)
A VERY time-consuming project!
(To say the very least!)