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Vampire Ace
Yeah, a Palindrome is a word that is the same backwards as it is normally

Madam is another example

Mjr. Whoopass

<FONT color=lightblue><B>I was going to say someth
Not much.
BTW, I though Ikari Warriors was up down left right b, a , start? But that was 16 or 17 years ago, if you were right McGruff, that's one heck of a memory (congrats to the guy who remembered the Contra code too). Surprisingly, I can remember the names of the Ikari Warriors. Can you name the Ikari Warriors?
Was it:
A) Max and Jake
B) Paul and Vince
C) John and Michael
D) Chris and LOAF
E) None of the Above


Cargoman said:
Rats live on no evil star .

A man a plan a canal panama .

Stairs ?

You thought that response was worthy enough to resurrect a thread that has been long dead?

Kids these days. They're just stupid.
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