Definition of "Genetic Enhancement Program"


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Hey all!

I'm always trying to find new storylines for a potential novel/short story. BUT! One of those stories may involve the "Genetic Enhancement Program" which I dont know much about. I need some more info before I begin writing since I havent read all the other WC fiction (official or otherwise).

My main question is: Was the GE-program an attempt to genetically improve an adult human? Or was it more like breeding/growing a perfect soldier in a gene-tank like in so many other SCi-fi stories.
The short answer is that it was not cloning!

When the program was conceived during the Kilrathi War, the first phase idea was to genetically improve existing humans. They sampled “superior” genes from a number of sources (including Blair, not yet the hero of the Vega Sector) with the intent to modify a cadre of elite fighter pilots. This is the origin of Seether and his elite wingmen; they were (presumably top notch) pilots who entered into this process during the war.

The second phase, also initiated during the war, was selective breeding. This first generation of genetically enhanced humans were selectively mated to produce theoretically superior offspring. Not much is known about this process, save that it created the young ground crews and infantry that served the ‘Black Lance’ in Wing Commander IV.

The more horrific third phase, developed later by Tolwyn, was to continue to use newly-developed (post war) bio-convergence technology to force a similar process on the entire species; kill off the weak, force the strong to work for their survival and create a stronger human race down the line.