dauntless model

You cant. The old dauntless is a corvette style ship. It doesnt allowed hangars, and therefore cant be used to replace a capship.
No, KW, that would be the extra-old Dauntless... the one on the website is the just plain old Dauntless :p.

Lemme think... in order to use this Dauntless, you would have to...

1. Extract the contents of the package into SO.
2. Rename the file ships\dauntless.iff to ships\dauntl.iff.
3. Open up ue_tre.cfg, and put // at the start of the first line ("install no_folders 0").

This should do the trick... I believe. Keep in mind, this may completely screw up the game - the two models, although representing the same ship, are not quite the same size, and their centres are positioned differently. Consequently, it's quite likely that the takeoff/landing cutscenes will be messed up.
Yes, I believe it was. Although I don't remember if Wildcat's model was distinct from the older corvette-style model, or if it was just reconverted as a capship.