Dame Da Ne memes for WC Characters...


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... I've made these out.

If you're not familiar with this meme, please search for "Dame Da Ne Baka Mitai".

Anyway... I think, well, machine learning can certainly do some amazing things, but then again, it can also be used for "silly" and interesting experiments, like this one.

Setting up a standard test environment can be pretty complex. Fortunately, a project called yanderify does the integration for us, so it's just a matter of downloading some files and putting them in the right place. If you have a decent NVIDIA graphics card, the process will be much faster.

First up... Crown Prince Thrakhath's version...

I have to say, I think it's Farmer Zeke singing in deep... I actually did some processing on the original screenshot to make his mouth move a bit more naturally.

Secondly, how could Maniac be absent from such a thing...

Let's just say the effect is very much in line with his callsign.
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Thrakhath says "Ja'lhu vrax hamahar?!?! Ni'h'asuk ri'kahr maks hargar talan, Terran'hra!!!"

I think he's a tad bit annoyed...meanwhile, Khasra's sitting over there in the corner trying not to burst out laughing...