CSiS public Deathmatch Playtest 0.30

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    Combat Simulation System (CSiS)

    The CSiS development team is proud to officially announce the immediate availability of the CSiS Public Deathmatch Playtest.


    CSiS is a real time 3d action space game that combines nice 3d graphics, innovative game modes and fast-paced spaceship dogfights. Being Multiplayer only, it combines aspects of Counter-Strike, Quake3Arena, Freespace and Freelancer. You can choose between more than 10 deadly missiles, tactical and projectile guns, to equip one of the 5 lightning fast customizable ships with. CSiS features the A7 engine package with custom extensions that make for the incredibly fast, detailed modern render output.


    What will you get with the CSiS Public Deathmatch Playtest?
    The full CSiS game is not done yet. But we want our target audience to be part of the developing process. We release this demo version to gather information about network and graphics performance, stability, bugs, and to test the gameplay.
    The CSiS Public Deathmatch Playtest contains only the deathmatch game mode and one map, but is otherwise fully featured.

    The final game will sport 5 additional innovative game modes, from deathmatch variants to coop modes. Several Graphics enhancements are already in the pipeline as well.
    What you will see does not reflect the final quality of the product.

    Download now:
    Please read the readme.txt after installation.

    System Requirements (These are due to be lowered for the final version)
    * Microsoft© Windows© XP/Vista/7
    * AMD/Intel Single Core CPU 2.5GHz - Multi Core CPU with 2.0 GHz+ recommended
    * 1024 MB RAM - 2048 MB recommended
    * DirectX 9c and latest GPU drivers
    * a fully shader model 3.0 capable GPU (Radeon X1xxx Series or GeForce 8600) with 128 MB RAM - GeForce 8800GTX or Radeon 3850 recommended - Intel GPUs not supported
    * broadband internet connection
    * DirectX 9 compatible sound card
    * mouse and keyboard (no gamepad mode)

    Visit our website:

    Register on our forum to report bugs, express your opinion and take part in the further development!

    Enjoy :)

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