Creating an animation.



I recognize that Star field background. It came from the world creator CD that comes with 3DS MAX. Notice how the Stars seem to have a noticable curve? You are using the bit map as a 2D background. It was ment to be a 3D spherical background. Create a really big sphere, apply the pic to the object and make it double sided so you can see it on the inside. Trust me, it will look much better... slow down rendering time though.


smoke_saibot said:
Hey zorath_1 perhaps you could enlighten us how you made the dragon on your webpage...especially when I'm the one who made it :). You're really not in the position to give advice to anybody when it comes to 3D stuff. Stick to your simple ships...seeing how all your models are composed of perfect 90 degree angles. And btw, I warned you before about taking ownership of my work. Keep it up and you might have a little surprise.

Who the fuck are you? I made my own Dragon model 100%. And I have NEVER been warned about stealing jackshit. You have some issue with me? Send me an email at


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Rylex said:
PS: Any ideas yet of how to produce lasers in the dogfight?

(I'm not online in this forum very often - so please contact me directly via mail)

yeah, you have to use a superspray with ray tracing material applied to it. Also, you have to use either max glow or any suitable plugin.


Hey guys, Im back

But ill be gone for another week.(I won't have internet cause of repairs)

You can expect some pics on the cap ship, and the cockpit of a hellcat(seen from inside with pilot) on next monday.


Bye till then.


Hello, everyone. I'm back again. Please excuse me for not posting anything in the last 2 weeks, but didn't had net. More time means more work from me. Here i give you the first pics of my Heavy Carrier. You should give her a name. If you have any suggestions on how to make her look better, your ideas are welcome. The others pics are the modified hellcat, and its cockpit wih is still under constrution, it's missing some textures. The last pictures are the confed helmet and pilots suit.

The things I still need to build: the hangar inside scene (for landings & other) and maybe the cantina abord the carrier (for conversation scene's).

The things I still don't know how to create: The laser effects, and the blow up effects. Maybe I'll want to create a missile trail?

I have a good space dust effect (it can be mapped and, it can move, and it can be animated in any way). Guess what it is made of?

I gave up with using glow for the engins, I'll use opacity mapped cones.

At the moment I'm working on the characters. I still dunno who will be my voice actors. Actually I don't know how i'll get soundeffects (lasers, engines roar...).Music will be the original from WC III and IV.

Creating the chars isn't a big deal, but I'm still learning to bone them. Remember, I'm a beginner.

I won't be online till monday, but I'm very interested what you will say.

Have a nice day.


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That's some good work there! I'm working on my own movie too coincidentally ( :)

If you would like me to critique your work and help you out, feel free to ask!

I think you've done some good work. Your pilot model could be proportioned more realistically however. Also, I noticed the interior texture of the hangars in the carrier are stretched. You could consider tiling them perhaps to avoid the stretched look.


Your rigth, they need more work.

But until i change them, here is my arrow. It is Very low poly considered to Zorath's but it looks nice, and renders faster. ;)


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And iv made a longbow, just no textures yet.

I looks nice in gold, thou...


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Can someone give me a rendering of this class of carrier I drew?

It should be colored Confed Gray with blue trimmings. For Reference, It is 1000 M long and it has 10 Double Tachyon Turrets, 6 Double Laser Turrets and Two Topredo Tubes if anyone would like to render the weapons :) If you would like to add more curves or refine an area with more detail, gor right ahead. The file was messed up a bit, but I think you can fill in the blanks :)


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Your Longbow's quite good! It looks like you have some smoothing errors on your mesh though, near the back on the wings and engines. You might want to have a look at the smoothing groups on the polys back there to correct that.


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I think that is the best freaking Longbow model ever. I'd love to see it with some equally great textures.


sylvs ship

Hy, Sylvester, that drawing you put here is a bit, well, blank. There are no side views, and got a lot of lines I couldn't really understand, but anyway, I made up something. I think it resembles the thing on the paper.Sorr, but No guns, I didnt had time for it.I had to use my existing textures too, and those dont look very nice.

Anyway, you wanted it,here it is.


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Thats ALL Folks

Im gone for a while. My project is not cancelled. I just got a job for making models for a computer game, and thats much more urgent then this, so I have no time for this.
Sorry Sylvester, your modell wont be done.

I shall return. (3 months later maybe)


it looks good so far keep it up i'm planning on making some 3d models too just can't get think of the right designs for it.


Hmm... Looking at all my stuff again.. well, i wasn't that bad at all :))) OK, ok, i was just a beginner modeller. I hope i will be able to continue work on this project during the summer :) Till then, i'm makein the dralthi concept fighter :) C'ya..