Craziest thing happened on my way to the washer....


While down in the depths of the laundromat, i got to thinking that if i downloaded a copy of a cd-rom driver from a driver download site, my luck would change. As luck would have it,it worked. However, when the screen comes up to calibrate the joystick, nothing happens. I looked at the troubleshooter that my joystick came with (sidewinder gamepad) and it said it wouldn't work with dos games unless it was under windows. so, the problem now is if i need to buy a cheap, new joystick just to play this game?
Yes, you do. As luck would have it, we've had a recent break in finding new DOS joysticks. Very few joysticks made these days work with pure DOS, but there is one out there that (from all accounts; I haven't tested it personally) does: the Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D. You can find the specs at . Please note that this is the ONLY new joystick we're aware of that includes full DOS support.
I'm still not sure about that... The system requirements are as follows

System Requirements

PC with Pentium(R) processor or compatible
Windows(R) 95 or
Windows(R) 98
6MB of RAM
15MB available hard disk space
USB port or 15-pin Game Port USB connection requires
Windows 98
CD-ROM drive

As you can see it says that W95 or W98 is required... That could be bad news (Though it may be misleading as it may just require Dos 7.x which is what windows runs on...)


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