Crash to Desktop


Hi Everyone,

I have a problem in that the game often crashes to desktop. Thus far the crashing occurs either when autopiloting to a nav buoy or just after jumping. I have had no problems with the Privateer Remake, only WCU. Also, the problem does not appear to be location dependent. The first time I went to Junction it crashed but I have visited it since (using the same jump point) with no issues...

I would say that about 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 jumps results in the crash. Interestingly, I have seen Merchants, Pirates, Retros, Militia and Confeds, but no Kilrathi...

I did to fresh reinstall of Privateer Remake and then installed all three WCU files on top.

As everyone else seems to have it running fairly well I'm a little confused what the problem could be. Any suggestions?


System Athlon 1GHz
Nvidia 4200 128Mb
768Mb ram
As a quick update...

I downloaded the latest drivers for the video card and that seems to help. I have seen Kilrathi however I appear to be unable to jump to New Detroit...

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the Reply

I thought I had recent WCU files... Anyway, I'll try the reinstall...

thanks again!