Congratulations Award Winners! (January 23, 2012)


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The votes have been tallied, and we now have the winners of our 2011 Fan Project & Web Site of the Year awards! Many great nominees received a ton of votes, which speaks to how many great undertakings were pursued over the past year. Although only a few can win, we're still amazed at all the constant fan activity. Without further delay, here's the winners:


The 2011 Fan Project of the Year is the OpenGL Patch for Prophecy & Secret Ops! Pedro and Popsicle Pete's recent updates to the program include new graphical assets, support for the WCP demo and compatibility with the Enhancement Pack that enables high resolution, multiplayer and DVD movie playback. These tweaks take an already beautiful game and make it gorgeous!


We have a tie for second place! WC TacOps Online and Standoff take runner up. WCTOO completed almost all of the game coding over the last year, which required a major programming commitment and time consuming testing. Standoff received hardware compatibility improvements and multiple fan enhancements, which continue to ensure one of the most popular fan mods around stays fresh.


The 2011 Web Site of the Year is Shotglass'! The site's grand opening was just last year, but it's run by a lifelong Wingnut who's dedicated to sharing WC news with fellow fans. Wing Commander's always been very big in Germany, so Shtoglass serves an important need. Check out an English translation here.


The web runner up is WC Saga! Many fans pointed to the home of the Saga mod as a source of frequent updates and information on the game's development. Reports on the game's beta test and behind the scenes features should continue to keep fans on edge until it's released.

Congratulations to the winners! And here's to a great year ahead! Thanks to all for voting.

Original update published on January 23, 2012
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Congratulations to everybody on the list, really, but especially to the winners. Any fan activity is a winner in my book, really!
Hey there,

I am sorry, that I have not replied until now, but I was moving and January was not very kind to me regarding free time ;).

I wanted to say thank you for this award. This is great! I haven't really noticed, that we were nominated until someone pointed that out, so this comes as a real big surprise, thank you :).

Although we all know, that there is only one true Website of the Year. Every year :).