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Near the end of Wing Commander 1, there's a brief sequence that shows several Confed troopers raising a flag (presumably in Venice) much like the US marines did on Iwo Jima in WW2. I've got that image since it's really not hard to find.


During the opening credits of the movie, when there are several "radio" transmissions, there's one that announces the settling of a planet in the name of the Terran Confederation. At that moment, a very similar shot momentarily fades into view, light years better in quality compared to the WC1 one.

In short, I've been trying to get that specific picture. The opening sequence is hosted in YouTube, but the quality is terrible and I don't have the movie DVD to rip it myself. So I'd like to ask you guys if you could please get it for me, either the best snapshot you can get from the movie or (I presume nigh impossible) the concept art used in that moment of sequence.

Thank you very much in advance. :)

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That's funny; one of my pet projects as of late has been to recreate the Confed flag. I haven't gotten very far yet, but a long time ago I made this crappy rendering based on an examining of the flag in the intro.


I'll see what I can do for you in a bit, if someone else doesn't do it first.


That intro was by far the best part of the whole movie. A quality Confed flag would be sweet to actually have - If the the CIC had them made like the hats and flightsuits and stuff, you could count on me buying one.


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I put togther a my own rednition of the WCM flag, originally for Duke3D mod but also because I just wanted one.
I mine has a white compass(the confed emblem) against a blue field, the top stripe is yellow, then the white section, another yellow stripe, and a red section with white stars.
If I can remember how to upload images, without an URL, I'll post it up.


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Bob's proportions look more accurate, as th top bar runs over the square with the confes star in it, though the actual star should probably be bigger. But I don't think there's any way to tell what the colors should be unless there is another example of this same flag else where.


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Bob McDob

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Over the past couple months (actually, for almost half a year) I've been trying to reconstruct the Confed flag as seen in the post below, but gotten distracted by one thing or another (I was hoping to have it out by Christmas, then New Years... well, I guess Valentine's Day isn't so bad.) Anyway, the flag in the newspost a few days ago motivated me to stop dithering and finish it, so here it is.

(I should emphasize, once again, that the color scheme in this - and in every other version - is purely speculative; we don't actually know what the colors are, and I based the ones here on the flags at the end of Wing Commander IV.)


I wonder if the flag has any green on it, like the Ship green from Wc1 and 2? Something to think about.

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That's a good point, like how the American flag is green because all those B-17s were that color.

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An update:
Some time ago I looked over the making of the movie intro video and found this. Looks like we have official colors.


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Yeah, the artwork is really beautiful. Lots of watercolor pieces of spaceships and planetscapes, and a lovely shot of the underside of the supercruiser that all but confirms it's the same as the painting of one ship that made it into the actual intro sequence. If you've seen the painting of the Kilrathi general in the TCH then you've seen the style.

I'm surprised nobody has made more note of it all, really.


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Makes you wonder where all that great pre-production art is being stored...


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Makes you wonder where all that great pre-production art is being stored...

Yeah, for sure. And then there's also all the odd posters scattered about on the Claw that must be in someones basement somewhere...

And then there's also this curious bit:

Roberts began development on the feature while still working for Electronic Arts. The film's deliberate retro look - featuring spacecraft that bore a strong resemblance to aircraft, battleships and submarines - arose from the director's desire to do a World War II movie in space. "I wanted to see spaceships going toe-to-toe, slugging it out and blowing up," Roberts remarked. "I hadn't seen any movie pull out all the stops and deliver that kind of action since Return of the Jedi. fortunately, production designer Peter Lamont got on board with this approach right away, showing up with ten huge illustrated volumes containing blueprints and detail of various warships."

Wow, where the heck did those end up?!!



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Are we sure he means ten huge illustrated volumes of WC warships, and not WW2 warships?

I'm certain it's a possibility. The context seems to suggests it's designs he came up with for the WC movie, but it gives little detail other than what I posted for what was in the volumes. Either way, ten volumes of warship designes used as inspiration for the movie would still be interesting to look at.