Complete MT-32 MIDI Files for Wing Commander 1, 2, 3, and Academy


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It's been awhile, but I've finally finished up my latest project (I hope.) I extracted the MT-32 MIDI tracks from Wing Commanders 1, 2, and Academy. They required a LOT of fixing, but they should play great with an MT-32 or MUNT. I also found the MT-32 music files for Wing Commander 3 (I'm 99% sure they're the MT-32 files, anyway.) I also tossed in the General MIDI files for 3. Finally, there's the rip kit, which is designed to mostly automatically rip the digital audio from the Wing Commander games that use digital audio for the music. I wrote it for my own purposes, but it's there if you want to use it. Oh, and Happy Birthday to the CIC!


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Wow, thank you very much.
I've wanted to have the Midis of Special Operations and Academy extracted for years but all my attempts failed, so I'm very happy that you succeeded. :)
also been playing with Munt lately, Wing Commander 2's ingame music is great with MT32 Roland emulation enabled.
Nice work!
While listening to the WC2 MT32 midis, I noticed that "15 - Flying to Dogfight.mid" is missing the end part. Not sure if other files are affected.