Community request: writing generic wingmen lines.


We appreciate the discussion that has gone on in the last week or so, and we are trying to take your feedback to heart. We recognize this community knows Wing Commander better than any other, and we'd love to have your help with a task that will speed along the release of Saga.

As you may know, Wing Commander Saga will include more than 50 distinct sets of pilot voices besides the voices for the main characters. We have been
working on creating lines for these generic pilots that are
distinctive without being ridiculous. We are finding that it is quite
a challenge for a team of just a few writers to come up with that many
sets of lines without if feeling a little recycled at the end.

So, in the spirit of community collaboration, we are asking for the community's help. We have the actors, now we need help getting lines for all the generic parts.

Let your creative juices flow! Write at least one set of lines for
each of the generic categories and submit them to us. We need all
kinds of pilots- rookies, veterans, cool as ice, easily excitable, and
even a few like Maniac or Maestro. Throwing in some humor is fine, but don’t make it over-the-top or campy.

So, send us your text lines, help release Saga sooner, and see if
yours get brought to life by one of our actors! Feel free to post your lines as a response to this thread. Thanks in advance for your creative contributions.

You can find the basic categories for the lines below:

1) "All fighters are destroyed, area is secure."
2) "Enemy fighters have arrived."
3) "I'm attacking your target."
4) "We're the backup and we've arrived to save you."
5) "Bravo Wing here, we've just arrived."
6) "There's a fighter on your six!"
7) "I'm dying!"
8"Charlie Wing here, we've just arrived"
9) "I'm getting out of here!"
10) "I'm disabling your target" (going for engines)
11) "I'm disarming your target" (going for turrets)
12) "I'm breaking formation to engage the enemy."
13) "Delta Wing here, we've just arrived."
14) "Echo Wing has arrived."
15) "I'm taking damage!"
16) "I'm ignoring your target!"
17) "I'm not following your order."
18) "I can't pick up your target on sensors."
19) "You just fired on me!"
20) "Main player has been killed!"
21) "Main player just did something cool!"
22) "I'm out of missiles!"
23) "My fighter is heavily damaged!"
24) "Main player is straying away from objective."
25) "Main player is traitor, off with his head!"
26) "I'm following your order."
27.) “I have destroyed an enemy!”
28.) Taunt 1
29.) Taunt 2
30.) Taunt 3

Here are a few examples:

This pilot is all business.
1.) There’s nothing on the scope but friendlies, sir.
2.) I’ve got bandits on the scope! Repeat, bandits inbound.
3.) Target locked, I’m going for it!
4.) Backup has arrived on the scene, ready to offer assistance.
5.) Bravo wing reporting for duty.
6.) Hostile closing on your six, take evasive action!
7.) I’ve got to eject! Sorry for letting you down, sir.
8.) Charlie wing is ready for action.
9.) This situation is deteriorating too fast. I recommend we withdraw.
10.) Confirmed, the engines are the target.
11.) Targeting turrets, transferring power to forward shields.
12.) Affirmative, breaking formation to attack.
13.) Delta wing is now on station.
14.) Echo wing stands ready.
15.) This Cat’s got the drop on me. Can someone lend me a hand?
16.) Confirmed, this target is all yours.
17.) I did not copy, sir, can you repeat the order?
18.) I’m not sure what you mean sir.
19.) Cease fire, you are hitting a friendly! Cease fire!
20.) We have a friendly casualty!
21.) Impressive shot, sir!
22.) Be advised, I am out of missiles.
23.) I’m getting ripped apart! I’m losing systems!
24.) Sir, let’s not forget our objectives.
25.) You know the regulations; traitors are to be summarily executed.
26.) Yes sir, I’m on it.
27.) Target eliminated!
28.) Do you have the courage to face me, Cat?
29.) You fight like a lowborn!
30.) You are a disgrace to your clan!

This pilot has a bit of attitude.
1.) This nav point is ours.
2.) Here come the Cats. There goes the neighborhood.
3.) I think I’ll kill…. THAT one.
4.) Support has arrived. Hold the applause, just show me who to shoot.
5.) Bravo wing on station. Don’t make me waste my time.
6.) You’ve got a Cat closing in on you for the kill! Go evasive!
7.) (disgusted) Oh, man, I can’t get shot down! I’m bailing out.
8.) Charlie wing is here. Let’s get the job done.
9.) There’s a time to fight and a time to run. It’s time to run.
10.) You want the engines dead? I’ll make the engines dead.
11.) Turrets too much for you? Let me clear some out of the way.
12.) I was hoping you would say that. Going in for the kill.
13.) Delta wing is here and ready to dominate.
14.) Echo wing is here. Let’s get to it.
15.) (grunts). That was just a lucky shot, kitty.
16.) Fine. He’s all yours.
17.) No, sir.
18.) I can’t shoot what I can’t see, and I don’t see anything.
19.) Watch your aim!
20.) Another casualty, another cause for revenge.
21.) Yeah! Now I can respect that!
22.) No more missiles for me.
23.) (Angry and incredulous) Are you serious? This Cat is cutting me up!
24.) (Sacrastic) Sure, why don’t you just wander off and leave all the
work to us.
25.) The only thing worse than a Cat is a traitor!
26.) You’re the boss.
27.) Yes! Eat it, Cat!
28.) You were a mistake to begin with. Now I’m going to end you.
29.) You know that feeling of dread you get when you’re fighting
someone better than you? Ya, that’s the feeling you should have right
30.) There won’t be enough of you left to send back home when I’m done with you.

Here’s an example of a humorous pilot:
1.) There’s nothing left here but the sound of silence. Uh, of course
there’s not sound in space, but you know what I mean.
2.) Looks like it’s about to rain Cats and dogs… minus the dogs.
3.) (joking) A target? For ME? Oh, you shouldn’t have.
4.) I hear you guys need a rescue party. Well, here we are!
5.) Bravo wing is ready for action.
6.) Watch it! That kitty is looking to make a scratching post out of you!
7.) So much for 20 million taxpayer credits worth of war machine. I’m
bailing out!
8.) Charlie wing is on the job.
9.) I’m allergic to being dead, so I say we get out of here!
10.) Time to throw a monkey wrench in their engines.
11.) Time to trim some turrets. I’ll just take a little off the top.
12.) I am locked and loaded. LET’S ROCK!
13.) Delta wing is on the job.
14.) Echo wing is here. (joking) Is there an echo in here?
15.) YOWCH! That stings!
16.) You want him? You’ve got him.
17.) Wouldn’t be prudent, sir.
18.) I’ve got a big old bunch of nothing, sir.
19.) What part of “I’m not a Kilrathi” do you NOT understand?!
20.) Oh, man. We’ve lost Sandman. Exit light, enter night, I guess.
21.) Okay, I’ve got to admit, THAT was cool!
22.) I’m going to miss my missiles, because they are all gone now.
23.) Woah! This is not funny anymore! I’m getting shredded!
24.) I know it’s wise to stop and smell the roses, but this is not the time.
25.) I knew there was something odd about you. How could you betray us?!
26.) Roger-roger.
27.) KABOOM! Man, that never gets old!
28.) Hey kitty, you’re mama said you were so ugly when you were born
that the doctor slapped everybody!
29.) I’m about to help you cash in your life insurance policy, kitty!
30.) Hey kitty! The gene pool just called… it thanked me in advance
for removing you from it.


Vice Admiral
Here we are. It's fun to sit down and imagine a certain character, and great to deal with the camp potential, but also uncovers some hidden aspects: whoa, ladies, don't slap me for the pretty one-dimensionaly portrayal of a female ;)

Sphynx, I guess it's a pretty steep task for many of the guys to think about 30 lines, and there's only so much variety in "Omikron Wing has arrived". Probably trim it down a bit, or ask for partial entries?

Rookie pilot
1) "Sir, I think we're clear here."
2) "Reporting enemy sightings, sir!"
3) "I'll try to hit your bogey, sir"
4) "Sir, here we are. Assuming permission to assist."
5) "Bravo Wing reporting for duty."
6) "Request to inform you... there's a guy behind you!"
7) "Permission to... aaaargh!"
8) "This is Charlie Wing, we're here now."
9) "Respectfully request to withdraw, sir!"
10) "I'll try to get his thrusters" (going for engines)
11) "Affirmative, attacking his guns, sir." (going for turrets)
12) "Assume permission to engage, sir."
13) "Delta Wing coming in to.. be here, sir."
14) "Echo Wing, all present, sir."
15) "Reporting damages, lots of damages!"
16) "Affirmative, sir, this one is yours."
17) "Ah, sir, respectfully... I can't do that right now."
18) "Wit your permission sir, I don't see anything."
19) "Request not the be considered a target, sir!"
20) "Sir, are you alright? Gosh, they got him!"
21) "Respectfully, sir, that was awesome!"
22) "Reporting lack of ordinance."
23) "Condition red, systems failing, I'm pretty shot up, sir!"
24) "Sir, did you get new orders? I think we're not done here, right?"
25) "Sir, stop, this is wrong! Pardon me for taking steps against you, sir!"
26) "Sir, affirmative, sir!"
27.) "Reporting an enemy kill, sir."
28.) "The Confederation will get you all, and I'll start with you!"
29.) "You bad.... thing! Oh, wait, I'll come and get you!"
30.) "You fly like my old mum, and don't dare talk about my mum!"

Laconic, tight-lipped veteran
1) "All's quiet again."
2) "Knock knock. We got company."
3) "I'll get him for you, pal."
4) "Need a hand? Here we are."
5) "Bravo Wing, just in."
6) "Dodge that bogey on your six, kid."
7) "Finally... here I go."
8) "This is Charlie Wing here, as usual."
9) "Gotta know when to go."
10) "Let's stop this crate." (going for engines)
11) "Those guns won't last long." (going for turrets)
12) "Here I go, another day on the job. Time to die, critters."
13) "Delta Wing here, for more of the same."
14) "Here we are. Echo Wing."
15) "Someone keeps scratching my paintwork."
16) "Go for him, knock yourself out."
17) "Can't read you, sir, radio trouble."
18) "A clear blank, sir. I don't see him."
19) "Hit me again, and it'll hurt."
20) "There goes another bright young hope. Cheers."
21) "Teach an old dog that trick some day, will ya?"
22) "They never put enough missiles on those things. I'm out."
23) "I'm still moving, maybe not very far."
24) "Keep your head on the job, kid."
25) "I suspected you all the time, traitor. Now you get your handshake."
26) "Yes, affirmative, roger...."
27.) "Another one for the statistic."
28.) "I roasted your grandpa, now I'll roast you."
29.) "Just skip the blathering and die."
30.) "You want to end this fight? I'll end it for you."

Country girl-next-door pilot
1) "This place is all shiny, sir."
2) "We got company. Bad company."
3) "Sure, I'll take that one for the team!"
4) "Here comes the cavalry, boys! All's well!"
5) "Bravo Wing here, just for you guys."
6) "Watch out for the guy behind ya, he's giving you the eye!"
7) "Shucks, it wasn't planned to go this way.."
8) "Gents and ladies, here's Charlie Wing."
9) "That's playing a bit rough, I'll scram!"
10) "Okay, I'm good at wrecking engines." (going for engines)
11) "Let me take its teeth out one by one." (going for turrets)
12) "Honeys, I'm home. And coming to get ya."
13) "This is Delta Wing, are we right here?"
14) "Hi there, Echo Wing is here."
15) "Ouch, ouch! Stop doing that!"
16) "If you like him more than me, then have him!"
17) "Call me prudish, but I say no."
18) "What are you talking about? Can't see anything."
19) "Are you hitting me or are you hitting on me?"
20) "They got the boss! Would ya believe it!"
21) "Boy ohh boy, let's talk about that later.."
22) "No more missiles for this gal."
23) "Anyone got some duct tape? This thing is only good for spares!"
24) "Don't dawdle, get back where the fun is!"
25) "Your mom's gonna be so disappointed with you. After I've taken you down, traitor."
26) "This girl says yes."
27.) "Yesss, score! You go, girl!"
28.) "You wanna fall to the weapons of a lady? I just got weapons, tough luck."
29.) "I got a bad hair day, but I'm gonna make you look worse!"
30.) "I got one consolation for you: The last thing you'll see is the smile of a girl."


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
This is just a friendly bump to see if anyone will be willing to take a shot at this. :)
I actually sent Tolwyn a list almost two years ago....these lines may still be of use.

2 year old email said:
I've created a list of comms for some of the subsections.

All Clear (Enemies eliminated from a nav point)

This nav is clear of kitties!
That was the last of them! Area secured!
Nothing but fur and debris. Nav point cleared.
And that...was the last of them!
Iced every last one of them! Let's keep moving!
No more kitties to play with!

Arrival (Enemy)

Sensors are picking up enemy contacts inbound!
Would you look at that? Looks like someone left the cage open! Kitties are
New's the kats!
Well well looks like our guests just arrived!
Radar is picking up enemy contacts!
Bogeys on radar!
Woah! A whole lot of uglies just showed up!

Attack my Target

Which one? That one? Consider him dead...
Rolling into engage!
Tracking now...and engaging!
Confirmed. Engaging enemy now.
I'll send him to that litter box in the sky!
This kitty won't ever be seen a vet again!

Backup Arrival

Did somebody order some backup? Because it just arrived!
We're here to help! Picking targets and engaging!
Reinforcements have arrived...glad you left some for us!
Backup forces arrived and ready to fire!
Don't worry Custer they'll be no last stand for you today...backup has

Bravo Wing Arrival

Bravo Wing reporting in.
Bravo is ready and awaiting orders.
Bravo is on station and ready to engage.
No need to fear Bravo Wing is here!

Check Your Six

Watch out you've got a bandit on your six!
Roll out! You've got a kitten on your ass!
Bogey on your tail!
A kitten is lined up on your six! Evasive manuevers!
Are you carrying catnip because you've got some furballs chasing you!


Ejection systems green! Punching out now!
She's starting to break up...ejecting now!
That last hit was too much I've got to eject!
Oh no oh lights across the board I'm not going to ma.......
Armor is gone! I've got to bail out!

Plywood Fiend

Rear Admiral
Here's a few.

Pilot who thinks he/she’s funny.

1. The Kats are kaput.
2. Kats come to die, see I, (aye)
3. Don’t worry sir, I’ll make it go away.
4. No need to soil your shorts sir, Cavalry has arrived.
5. Bravo Wing’s here, what needs doing?
6. Hairball on your six sir.
7. My ship’s in pieces, I’m going to step outside. / My ship’s in pieces, I’m... <static>
8. Charlie Wing has arrived
9. I’ve gotta flee sir... cause otherwise i’ll die, and that would be a bad thing.
10. Engines? Ok, stall then slaughter.
11. I loathe turrets, but I do so love it when they explode.
13. Delta wing at your service.
14. Echo wing in attendance.
15. My bits are getting shot to pieces! Hi-ho comrades, assistance please?!
16. Oh very well... spoilsport.
17. Sir, that’s not only unfeasible, that’s insane, so no.
18. Eh? What? Where? What?
19. Oh, cut that out.
20. Shit! Not another one.
21. Oooooooooh! Do it again! Do it again!
22. I appear to be out of missiles, I find this moderately inconvenient
23. I’m flying a molten husk here!
24. Don’t start playing silly buggers, that’s my job.
25. I don’t believe this (Pause) You’re dead you traitorous bastard!
26. As you wish
27. I made a Kat go splat.
28. Utak! Utak! Uuuuuuuuutaaaaaaaaaak!
29. Die you furry cretin!
30. Is it true that Thrakhath can’t get it up?

Vengeance-starved pilot

1. That’s all of them... shame.
2. We’ve got some Cats to burn.
3. Right; I’m on him.
4. We’re here to help.
5. Bravo wing entering area.
6. Look out! Kilrathi on your tail.
7. This isn’t over Cats, i’m ejecting. / Avenge me, avenge us all.
8. Charlie wing is here.
9. Damn it! I’ve taken too much damage and have to pull back.
10. Going for engines, they won’t escape.
11. Affirmative, I’ll pluck it and leave it ready for the oven.
12. This is for Goddard!
13. Delta wing has arrived
14. Echo wing arriving now.
15. I need help here, quickly!
16. Fine then, just make sure it dies.
17. What the hell is going through your head? Order refused.
18. I see nothing.
19. Hey! Be careful!
20. No! <pause> Rest well kid, I’ll kill ten of them in your name.
21. Now that was pretty! Well done.
22. I’m out of missiles.
23. My ship is all but finished.
24. This isn’t a galactic sightseeing tour, get back here and do your job!
25. You’re a cat-lover? Then you’re dead.
26. Understood.
27. Yes, another Cat roasted.
28. Your species is doomed.
29. I am your death feline.
30. You are no match for me.


Thanks for all the help so far! We could still use a few more, if anyone else would like to take a crack at it.


Vice Admiral
Here's my take. 'Meatgrinder', a calm wingman who likes to play with his food.

1) "Not a thing to kill."
2) "Fresh meat!"
3) "Grinding it up."
4) "You want to share some of that?"
5) "Bravo ready to order."
6) "Need help with that?"
7) "Piece of shi--"
8) "Charlie ready."
9) "Too much game for me, boss!"
10) "Clipping the wings." (going for engines)
11) "Declawing the momma cat" (going for turrets)
12) "Roger, all you can eat."
13) "Delta on station."
14) "Echo, saving the best for last!"
15) "Caught on gristle here."
16) "It's all yours."
17) "What? No."
18) "Can't see it."
19) "Hey! I thought we were friends."
20) "Boss got popped!"
21) "Stop making me look bad."
22) "Down to guns."
23) "I'm cooked!"
24) "Something shiny get your eye?"
25) "He's lost it! Take him out."
26) "Understood."
27.) "He's hamburger."
28.) "You grind up like any other game, wildcat."
29.) "I'll grind you up and spit you out."
30.) "End of the day, you're just meat, cat."