collective artwork thread :D


Alex Von T.
for stuff I make that I have no idea where to put or link to :D


don't want to cause clutter :D
a work in progress... I'll keep putting updates here until it is done :D



I've definitely got this matte layer thing figured out :D


phase 3 is in the bag.. the next one is the fun one though.. this is just a bunch of matte colors n' junk.

progress shot numbah 4.. next one should be the image wrap-up :D

and the big reveal *


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also... I don't think I ever made it clear, but I called this the collective art thread instead of collected art thread because anyone can pop in with their artistic creations.. I hope it won't always stay a one man show?
It never ceases to amaze me how eloquent the descriptions of my pictures are on the front page.. and then I'm all 'pew pew.. grr argh!'

I am teh spek gud.
this time klavs did the the majority of the work.. I just adore that render of his Concordia so durn much... I should do my own from scratch. but it is very nice to know paint overs work that well.
I've wanted to do one for years now.. but I'm not much of a writer :p and LOAF has the desire but not the time.. we'll synch up at some point.