Clive Owen

Owen has just become a TRUE hero for me. They guy is playing Dwight in Sin City!!!!! That really rocks. Sin City is really, really, really great. And has nothing to do with the Sims or Sim City, BTW.
Ed, have you seen the movie already, or are you talking about the comic? Because the comic is fantastic, and I sincerely hope the movie lives up to its name.
Havent' read or heard of the comic but when I saw the first commercial I just knew it was based off a comic book. Looks actually pretty good, I think it'll be great. Clive Owen is da bomb ;)
I was talking about the comic, but all internet nerds and their mothers are raving about the movie. IT is a freaking dream come true. a GREAT Sin City movie.
I saw it this morning.. not bad. It's not hard to pretend he's still playing Lev Arris in Sin City.
Heh, yeah. I suppose he'll always be Lev Arris in my heart. I was disappointed in the website's characters page that when they mention his previous projects they don't mention Privateer 2.
It's not hard to pretend *anyone* in Sin City is playing Lev Arris.

(I liked Sin City. Seeing Rory Gilmore talk about being a hooker was the highlight of may day.)