Checking In

I could try modding that MapView thingy. (Don't really count on me though.)

Well if worst comes to worst, I could take pictures of the game board with the pieces placed. :p
BTW odd thought here (chock full of those, aren't I,) using LEGO minis you could make a decent tabletop game with only slight modifications to existing rules. Now where the get those bricks...
QuailPilot, I think MapTool would be the better choice of the two if you want to try something. :)

LEGO minis... Actually, I've been down that road. You can order parts via LEGO's Pick-a-Brick online store, but it would be difficult to differentiate between fighters - how would you know who's Bravo 1, 2 or 3 if you have three Rapiers all looking the same? Besides, I found that I've got no talent at all when it comes to creating microsized LEGO models. ;)
You know, you wouldn't even need to modify the rules, just make bigger hexes :-D And voilá, a tabletop version playable with the minis

As for the designation, just pin a piece of paper to them :-P
I wanted to give my friend a chance to maybe come up with a quick hack for WCTO, but it hasn't happened yet. However, I could offer to do a really, really basic PBM anytime (no rockets and stripped down rules), if you all just let me know what fighter you'd like to pilot.
Or, if anyone else wants to host a game via MapView/MapTool/whatever, I'd be glad to hop in the cockpit myself for a change! :p
Looks like Humungus would like to take a Jalkehi for a spin. Anyone dare to challenge him in a little dogfight? (Considering he's playing a Kilrathi, would "catfight" be more appropriate...?) :p
Any restrictions of what fighters I can use?
No. I'll try to even out the odds by adjusting pilot skill levels or adding wingmen for those with weaker fighters. Just remember: No missiles this time around... If you pick a bomber, you'll have to rely on its guns and turret(s)!
All right. I'll use a confed fighter for the first time.

Lets make it a battle of the heavies, and I'll take a saber.

Do you have my email still, or should I pm it to you?
Well, given that I'm the person who started this thread, I better throw my gauntlet into the ring.

I'll take both you on.

Ironduke, you choose my ride, just make sure it isn't something I've flown before. I assume you've still got my email, as with the others?