Character names



I was just curious on the use of several Norse god's names in this film. Is it just because they were commonly used names at the time or is there a deeper reason for it? are the characters supposed the represent the gods they're named after?

I've love this film and have watched it several times to try and see if I could see any connection, but I'm at a lose.

Any ideas?
Some of the names are because the movie is loosely based on Beowulf. I'm not sure they picked others (like Freya) for any reason other than that it's very identifiably Norse.

The basic idea is that these are the events that eventually inspire the Beowulf poem. Originally Kainan was even called Beowulf. But then for various reasons names and whatnot were switched around to distance the film a little from the poem. Beyond that I don't know if there's any greater reason for why they picked some of the names.
Okay. I read about the connection between Beowulf and the movie, I was just wondering if it went any deeper than that. Thank you for answering my question :)